Kurukshetra 2010 - The Battle Of Brains

It all began with a small spark that grew with rapid intensity into a solid idea.Two score and eight months later that idea has metamorphosed and transformed into a mega techno management festival Kurukshetra. With over 15,000 participants from 40 colleges besides international participation, today Kurukshetra is a brand within itself, being the only student run organisation in Asia to be granted UNESCO's patronage. Visit www.kurukshetra.org.in.

An interesting insight into the mind of a pro hacker:

'A true computer programmer is someone who, when told to 'Go to Hell', sees the 'go to', rather than the destination, as harmful.'

Are you one such? Are caffeine filled nights before the terminal really your 'thing'? The adrenaline really cranks up in you when you are coding doesn't it ! The constant feeling of being on the edge of just another revelation ! Well . . you'll feel right at home in the Online programming contest of Kurukshetra '10. We all know that you can miss an Olympic gold By milliseconds. But here you lose by even smaller margins! You can't Hack through with brute-force here ! With some of the world's top pros competing only elegance and efficiency get you to the top. So what are you waiting for? Hitch onto the terminal and start cooking some code . Come get into our Online Programming Contest and win attractive prizes.

For more info about the contest refer: http://kurukshetra.org.in/events/?event=kopc

Event date: 17th January, 2010.