Kurukshetra 2010 - The Battle Of Brains

It all began with a small spark that grew with rapid intensity into a solid idea.Two score and eight months later that idea has metamorphosed and transformed into a mega techno management festival Kurukshetra. With over 15,000 participants from 40 colleges besides international participation, today Kurukshetra is a brand within itself, being the only student run organisation in Asia to be granted UNESCO's patronage.

Coding Events @ Kurukshetra!

Programming has transcended being a simple science. It is an art and to some even a philosophy. Those who just see the hands mechanically moving over the key-board cannot understand the deeper meaning of it all; the inner peace found by the programmer and the ultimate solace from the influences of the material world. Think you have finally realised what it is to really be a programmer? That you are ready to compete with the best? Well, then this is your home ! Programming events have always been the Hallmark of Kurukshetra and Kurukshetra'10 is no different. A host of events provide you the perfect opportunity to see how far you have come along the path to programming enlightenment!

Game AI contest

Asimov's dreams are not even half-way to reality after all these decades of research. Wanna speed up the progress a bit? Ready to create an entity of intelligence and attempt to
play God? Welcome to AIGameDev in Kurukshetra '10. The challenge this time around is to program 'robonauts' to land on the surface of a virtual moon. Hmmm. . a combination of the science of cosmos with the art of creating intelligence ought to excite even the most hardened cynic! It has the mystical glow which has always appealed to man. What might the result be in young sci-fi addicted programmers? frenzy ? . . sounds too uncool . . ecstasy? . . a tad bit too sensual . . . ya tats the right word -'Epiphany'.

A year spent in artificial intelligence is enough to make one believe in God.
-Alan Perlis

For more details http://kurukshetra.org.in/events/?event=aigamedev

Online Programming Contest

An interesting insight into the mind of a pro hacker:

'A true computer programmer is someone who, when told to 'Go to Hell', sees the 'go to', rather than the destination, as harmful.'

Are you one such? Are caffeine filled nights before the terminal really your 'thing'? The adrenaline really cranks up in you when you are coding doesn't it ! The constant feeling of being on the edge of just another revelation ! Well . . you'll feel right at home in the Online programming contest of Kurukshetra '10. We all know that you can miss an Olympic gold By milliseconds. But here you lose by even smaller margins! You can't Hack through with brute-force here ! With some of the world's top pros competing only elegance and efficiency get you to the top. So what are you waiting for? Hitch onto the terminal and start cooking some code
For more info about the contest refer http://kurukshetra.org.in/events/?event=kopc


Think Linus is the Messiah and Stallman the Prophet? Eager to make an offering on the sacred altar of Open source? Here is a chance for you work with other geeks like you. Kurukshetra '10 presents K++ - an open source project. This year K++ focuses on building a search engine for the web. The code developed for a simple crawler and search engine has been posted on source forge. Your participation is eagerly welcomed and essential to improve the K++ search engine. And points will be awarded according to your contribution. This provides a great opportunity for programmers to get a feel of the open source development cycle. So geeks, enjoy the ride. .and may be we will give those guys at Mountainview,California the fright of their lives
For more details refer: http://www.kpp.kurukshetra.org.in/event/