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  1. OOP composition - MyPoint and MyTriangle. need hint for building MyTriangle class
  2. [SOLVED] Printing a matrix
  3. Calculator app
  4. Creating an object through a class parameters
  5. How to Logically Break Down a System for Inheritance
  6. Reference type
  7. need help with sorting
  8. Del boy dealership
  9. Need help with uni assignment
  10. I need help on creating a method to handle minimum and maximum input values
  11. I need help making a RockPaperScissors GUI please!
  12. How to search through values of Array?
  13. First programming class, and I don't understand the run-time error I am getting! (writing classes and methods exercise)
  14. [SOLVED] Bouncing ball
  15. class name and grade
  16. API Hell
  17. Help creating print preview of JTable
  18. Count Singletons in a String
  19. Regular Expressions
  20. session.Channel(exec) command - PLease help
  21. Builder pattern
  22. Keeping track of found objects in array and smallest value
  23. Help printing images
  24. How to copy
  25. Ghosts, Robots, Netbeans, Java, Audio, robot?
  26. confused on this recursive method example
  27. Pie Chart help
  28. Id counter
  29. Another recursive method! pretty stuck on this one.
  30. Trying to wrap my head around Objects with this simple Card Game!
  31. Why does my lecturer use the key word ".this"
  32. What is an object's identity?
  33. How to synchronize JTextField with JFrame and other methods
  34. what is "SUCCESS" in method
  35. What is the purpose for declaring things private.
  36. Writing Classes Exercises
  37. Re: Writing Classes Exercises
  38. [SOLVED] Errors when compiling with an object
  39. Coupling in Java Code
  40. Which of the following propositions is true
  41. How many instances of class A does the following code create
  42. Trouble adding an object.
  43. how to make Unique ID for regestered members?
  44. Getting information from API Class into main body....
  45. [SOLVED] Chess
  46. how to calculate the result of a student and shows if pass and failed
  47. Very Basic Calculator
  48. can any one explain the solution for this program
  49. Control or inter-react with a device
  50. Static inherited variable?
  51. Link objects and calling a variable object's method
  52. Bleak number
  53. Beginner's question about inheritance
  54. Searching ArrayList For Specific Object
  55. Linking objects, exception throwing and using boolean - how?
  56. [SOLVED] LinkedList -- insert()
  57. How to build a List dynamically
  58. Java question in exam help
  59. LSP: weaken pre-condition and strengthen post-condition
  60. [SOLVED] A question about an object detecting another.
  61. Problem with Populating a List
  62. A Stack For Notation
  63. 'new' instantiating command ??
  64. Object not following mouse!?
  65. Failed to compile, Main Method Not found, assistance please.
  66. How can i compare marks of two students and print them in the ascending order.
  67. help writing this program...
  68. how to take array input from main method and use it in one of the classes
  69. Java beginner - help needed!
  70. [SOLVED] Not sure where my problem is
  71. [SOLVED] Beginner Java Course, Stuck on my First Assignment. Help Needed.
  72. [SOLVED] Dividing by Zero Issue ( Project - Cant figure out how to do it, or why mine is not working )
  73. Weapons Test fails under certain conditions
  74. Passing Variable between programs
  75. [SOLVED] Beginner Java Assignment Help (Calculations/Conversions)
  76. 3d list array
  77. [SOLVED] Help with calculating age
  78. [SOLVED] Confused on how to use multiple Methods...
  79. [SOLVED] Need help using the MATH class for an assignment
  80. BMI Calculator, (boolean problem)
  81. functional programming with objects
  82. Teaching myself Java how to pass on an object to an event listener?
  83. Boolean Method Problem
  84. [SOLVED] Desperate help needed with class and methods
  85. [SOLVED] Need some math help
  86. Getting Two Classes to talk to each others objects
  87. Returning methods to main() and other methods
  88. [SOLVED] Help on an assignment
  89. Urgent Ideas Needed
  90. Need help with creating a counter. conflicting constructors?...
  91. Help with formatting and creating a user defined class.
  92. Help with the body/tail of Snake
  93. new concept beginner struggles pls help T_T
  94. I'm having trouble adding polynomials using a singly linked list
  95. Need help creating an array method.
  96. Finding the Greatest Common Denomenator
  97. New to Java, assignment due in a few hours </3 Need to create a very basic game called DOMINATION
  98. number of object formed of a class implenting a interface
  99. Snake game in java
  100. Trying to calculate hours by the hour
  101. Interface + Abstract Class >= Abstract Class?
  102. Simple method returning null
  103. Help with simple snooker program
  104. Comparing GeometricObjects based on specific criteria
  105. Help with cost calculation application
  106. Very noob at Java, need a lil help understanding what's going on here.
  107. Polymorphism and Inheritance
  108. Need help with creating array files and reading from them etc...
  109. What I hope is a quick question
  110. I need help with a Map assignment
  111. Password Rule using Wrapper Class
  112. Need help with a java assignment
  113. Help with Lottery Program
  114. Beginner
  115. Cannot convert generic Object type to specific object type
  116. Need help clarifying my assignment on arrays
  117. Magic Squares Programming Help
  118. need help with methods and classes
  119. Need help with sorting my array with a comparator
  120. Unique name in arraylist
  121. virtual bank
  122. What is the object for method references and how to make it call that certain method
  123. Beginner - need help with a BlueJ Java assignment
  124. Creating a new non-static inner class outside of parent class
  125. Help me solve this
  126. [SOLVED] Help with understanding instances, extends, and implements.
  127. GUI questions
  128. how to quantize the image to MxN blocks
  129. Show image in second window
  130. GUI Show ODD numbers
  131. Java Final practice - design help
  132. Help with turning my code in to OOP?
  133. How to read XML tags contained within other tags
  134. [SOLVED] Recursive object-oriented Calculator
  135. course registration system
  136. Please help me for this Java Program
  137. pass function vars to main
  138. New to java need help with constructors and instance variables
  139. please help for this java programme about Write constructors to MyStack class
  140. Help making a memory game with Jbutton and Jframe?
  141. Input File Issue - Java Programming - HELP !
  143. Issue with method executing properly
  144. [SOLVED] Strange cannot find symbol
  145. Trouble obtaining info from class
  146. What happens when i write this?
  147. What does this super( ) call do?
  148. Converting an int to Double
  149. Converting Array into ArrayList
  150. Simple Timing Utility
  151. Library Example
  152. Coupling and code duplication
  153. Best implementation of a Database Record
  154. Difficulty figuring out how to do this
  155. Help creating a Gps Program in Java
  156. Computer Simulation - Can't use variable in constructor within a method for that class?
  157. Inheritance & Polymorphism Assignment
  158. Make the game 2048
  159. Subclasses and methods
  160. OOP Pizza
  161. [SOLVED] I am not sure how to design these classes.
  162. How to output value of an array instead of resource ID?
  163. Inheritance and Polymorphism
  164. [SOLVED] fillRoundRect method help needed
  165. How to use polymorphism concept in a UML design?
  166. How to use the concept of composition is a UML diagram?
  167. Is there a method that counts spaces?
  168. How to resizable rectangle object that splits into two colors: green for wins, red for losses?
  169. OO GUI with decorator design pattern problem
  170. How do I shrink a multi-dimmensional array?
  171. How do I copy a multidimensional String array?
  172. Polymorphism?
  173. How does inheritance and polymorphism work with ordering of method calls?
  174. Where to start when programming OOP?
  175. I need some help with writing a Java Code
  176. How do I write a push method for a string stack reference based?
  177. program help
  178. Homework == Completely confused.
  179. How to use SDF to display a future date.
  180. How would you implement this?
  181. Help with if and else problem
  182. Confused beginner
  183. General programming question
  184. Grade in Switch Statement :P
  185. Method Help!
  186. Semester Project Questions
  187. [SOLVED] Need help generating three proper fractions (rational numbers)
  188. oop is very hard to grasps the concept. please help
  189. Basic Project
  190. Acessing an Instance of an Object from a Serlvet in Java Web Application
  191. Using a random number as x and y position for each object.
  192. [SOLVED] Need help with Averaging grade types for excellent, ok, and failure
  193. How should I call in my main method? ~ Still Need Help
  194. Help with credit card method, OOP
  195. Using Boolean and IF..Else
  196. [SOLVED] Need help with method to prints all students with grades in the interval [m, n].
  197. Multiple instances of same class modify each other variables
  198. [SOLVED] Need help with bubble sort algorithm
  199. I need an idea on how to create a validation process for my GATE-ENTRY COMMUNITY SYSYTEM
  200. [SOLVED] Need help with Java homework
  201. Examples of Inheritance/Polymorphism
  202. Java-Agents and Communication
  203. problem in the method
  204. Help with concurrent modification using comparators
  205. Looking for a resizable generic Table class
  206. [SOLVED] How to best create a mutable and an immutable version of a class?
  207. How to create an instance of a class extending an abstract class within the abstract class's code?
  208. Breaking up a class using the Singleton method:
  209. How to create an abstract class with constructors accepting variables that become static in subclasses? Can you declare abstract static fields?
  210. Help with getting database data to a jtext field
  211. Programming structure question
  212. Force static final field initialization in every subclass of an abstract class?
  213. Inheritance
  214. I have a bit of a design question about 4 methods common to 2 classes.
  215. how we achieve security by using encapsulation
  216. [SOLVED] Confused with Inheritance || getClass()
  217. Class Instance Issue
  218. Method Overloading with Different Return Type not Showing Error! Why?
  219. A question of Design patterns and SOLID principles
  220. Issue with interfaces
  221. Creating a registry for a banking system, how to best use poly-morphing or?
  222. Static object creatiion - confused
  223. Guys.. i need help.
  224. Class redundancy
  225. Beginner needing help with method headers?
  226. Instantiate a class implementing an interface
  227. Java Help. My program doesn't save card,
  228. return first letter in a string
  229. Constructor help
  230. Copy Constructor help
  231. nested arraylists
  232. How to implement a class and a method
  233. Looking for strings
  234. What are enumsets and maybe maps?
  235. Creating a method and using the value in the Main Method as as Output Message
  236. How do I create a DecimalFormat where it shows only 2 places instead of 3?
  237. I just don't get OOP! (Please help if you can)
  238. Coursework Help
  239. Help me with Homework please
  240. How to Shorten this? Arrays and Classes
  241. method override (hw)
  242. save and load
  243. Java, Using an ArrayList to store User Input
  244. Problem with ArrayList...
  245. Where should functions that deal with multiple objects sit?
  246. Classes and Methods...Very confused!
  247. Reactive Builder Pattern
  248. Best JAVA objects and classes tutorials
  249. Date script problem.
  250. Glass objetc