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Thread: Question regarding my university project

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    Default Question regarding my university project

    Hello Everyone!

    I have to create a small game in Java as my university project and I'm kind of lost about how it would be optimal to create my classes / subclasses / objects. Problem is, most of the score I can get for it depends on how well I handled object orientation.
    The game needs to have:
    - Randomized character generation. Every character needs to have 10 skills. All of the skills are random between 1 and 100. They also receive a % cut from the mission rewards based on their highest skill.
    - Every skill has a related challenge, meaning there are 10 different types of challenges. A challenge has a random difficulty between 25 and 125. In order to beat the challenge the character(s) taking it on need to have a higher related skill, than the challenge's difficulty.
    - The characters you select need to take on missions, which have anywhere between 4 - 9 challenges.
    - The characters can have either 1 or 2 out of 9 possible tasks assigned to them. Assigned tasks can effect their skills, or add the character a special ability. Tasks also increase the cut a character receives from the mission reward.
    - Every Task has 1, 2, or 3 related challenges. Every character can only take on challenges, that their assigned task / tasks are related to.

    How would you go about creating the classes for this game?

    Thank you for any help you can provide!

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    Default Re: Question regarding my university project

    Start by writing down things on paper of everything you think the game should have.
    Start small. Don't get too detailed yet. And start by making one main class and then maybe
    an interface.

    Ask yourself "What should be happening here? What should be generated there?"

    Make things very small and start with the basics and then add onto it.
    At some point you will get more and more advanced.
    Just don't crash into a big project without break down a lot of smaller steps.

    "Tick, tack"

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    Default Re: Question regarding my university project

    Hey! Thank you for the tips.
    Yeah, I just created the classes I knew it will 100% need and kept adding things to that as I went on. Only needed to add 1 additional class (decided to split the class of challenges in two because of different object creation requirements in specification). Anyway, it turned out kind of all right. Got some messy code in it, because when I started I made some poor choices about what to handle in methods (didn't realize it would come up multiple times later too), and didn't have time to change those parts later. I certainly learned a lot from the project.

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