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Thread: java graphics2d issue

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    Unhappy java graphics2d issue

    well the following code is the main code that I use for a drawing program (the drawing panel) that I use all the other buttons are set but I found it redicilous to copy the huge code so I'd only copied the panel code only.
    I'm encountring the following issues:
    1- when I change the color (for the next shape) all the previous shape colors change! (how can I set the panel that it will set a the color for only the shape that is going to be drawn?)
    2- I want the shape to be drawn by pressing only a certain button (the panel is activated with the values without pressing the button how can I change that?)
    3- I cannot seem to find a way to make a constant drawing (as in the case of the pen and eraser any code examples for it ?
    4- the stroke does not seem to apply to the shapes any changes I should make ?
    5- how can I make the line drawing to be on a certain angle?
    6- how can I change the angle of the curve given (any examples ?)
    7- the thing no matter how much I try to change the background color it doesn't change it... any ideas ?
    I would truly appreciate any answers for any of the following questions ...
    thank you
    public class PaintPanel extends Canvas {
    	private int pointCount = 0;
    	private Point points[] = new Point[10000];
    	private Color color = new Color (0,0,0);
    	public static List<Shape> myShapes = new ArrayList<Shape>();
    	public static List<Stroke> myShapesStrokes = new ArrayList<Stroke>();
    	public static List<Color> myShapesColors = new ArrayList<Color> ();
    	public PaintPanel() {
    		addMouseListener(new MouseAdapter() {
    			public void mouseClicked(MouseEvent event) {
    	public void paint(Graphics g) {
    		Graphics2D g2d = (Graphics2D) g;
    		color = Animator.fillColor;
    		for (int i = 0; i<myShapes.size(); i++){
    		g2d.setStroke(new BasicStroke(Animator.stroke));
    		if (Animator.dashed){
    			float dashes[] = { 10 };
    			if(Animator.roundEdge == true){
    			g2d.setStroke( new BasicStroke(Animator.stroke, BasicStroke.CAP_ROUND, BasicStroke.JOIN_ROUND, 10, dashes, 0 ) );            
    				g2d.setStroke( new BasicStroke(Animator.stroke, BasicStroke.CAP_SQUARE, BasicStroke.JOIN_ROUND, 10, dashes, 0 ) );            
    			else {
    				if (Animator.roundEdge == true){
    					g2d.setStroke( new BasicStroke(Animator.stroke, BasicStroke.CAP_ROUND, BasicStroke.JOIN_ROUND) );            
    					g2d.setStroke( new BasicStroke(Animator.stroke, BasicStroke.CAP_ROUND, BasicStroke.JOIN_ROUND) ); 
    		Animator.draw= false;
    		switch (Animator.panelIndex)//1 pen, 2 eraser, 3 line, 4 curve, 5 circle,6 rectangle, 7 star, 8 clear
    		case 1:
    		case 2:
    			g2d.setColor(new Color (255,255,255));
    			g2d.drawRect(getMousePosition().x, getMousePosition().y, Animator.width, Animator.hight);
    		case 3:
    			g2d.drawLine(getMousePosition().x - Animator.width/2, getMousePosition().y, getMousePosition().x + Animator.width/2, getMousePosition().y );
    			myShapes.add(new Line2D.Double(getMousePosition().x - Animator.width/2, getMousePosition().y, getMousePosition().x + Animator.width, getMousePosition().y ));
    		case 4:
    			g2d.drawArc(getMousePosition().x, getMousePosition().y, Animator.width, Animator.width, 15, 45);
    			myShapes.add(new Arc2D.Double(getMousePosition().x, getMousePosition().y, Animator.width, Animator.width, 15, 45,Arc2D.PIE));
    		case 5:
    			g2d.drawOval(getMousePosition().x - Animator.width/2, getMousePosition().y - Animator.hight/2, Animator.width, Animator.hight);
    			myShapes.add(new Ellipse2D.Double(getMousePosition().x - Animator.width/2, getMousePosition().y - Animator.hight/2, Animator.width, Animator.hight));
    		case 6:
    			color = Animator.fillColor;
    			g2d.drawRect(getMousePosition().x - Animator.width /2, getMousePosition().y - Animator.hight/2, Animator.width, Animator.hight);
    			myShapes.add(new Rectangle2D.Double(getMousePosition().x - Animator.width/2, getMousePosition().y - Animator.hight/2, Animator.width, Animator.hight));
    		case 7:
    			GSegment star = new GSegment();
    		      GStyle starStyle = new GStyle();
    		      starStyle.setForegroundColor (Animator.fillColor);
    		      starStyle.setBackgroundColor (Animator.strokeColor);
    		      starStyle.setLineWidth (Animator.stroke);
    		      star.setStyle (starStyle);
    		      star.setGeometry (Geometry.createStar (Animator.hight,Animator.hight, Animator.width, getMousePosition().x, Animator.points ));
    			Shape s = (Shape) star;
    		case 8:
    			g2d.clearRect(getX(), getY(), getWidth(), getHeight());
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    Default Re: java graphics2d issue

    Well, put your code in code tags and I can be more help. For now, I'll help you with what I know about Painting.

    1- This is because every time the repaint() method is called, the ENTIRE visual display is repainted. This means that every element will get the color assigned to the Graphics2d Object at the time it repaints.

    2- Can you explain this more clearly.

    3- If you are looking for an eraser sort of thing, you could always paint over it with the same color as the background.

    I feel what I said in number 1 can explain a few of your issues. I'm in a rush, put your code in tags and tell me if what I've said helps at all. I'll be able to get back to you in a few hours maybe.

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    Default Re: java graphics2d issue

    That code appears to be ancient. You would be better off developing your own code step by step than trying to coerce someone else's code into doing whatever it is you require.

    Also, you would be better off doing custom painting in a JPanel with a paintComponent override. Canvas (and all AWT visual components) are passť.


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