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Thread: Hangman Game

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    Default Hangman Game

    Hi i´m started to program a hangman game i Java not javascript i ecplice but now i´m stuck can anybode help me with the code so i can move forword just take the code and program it så it works PLEASE i cant anymore

    import java.util.*;

    public class GameLogic {
    private boolean isStarted;
    private int numberOfGuesses;
    private int maxGuesses;
    private List<String> guesses;
    private String currentWord;

    public void start() {
    isStarted = true;
    numberOfGuesses = 0;
    maxGuesses = 7;
    guesses = new ArrayList<>();
    currentWord = "Hello";


    public void quit() {
    isStarted = false;


    public void guess(String guess) {
    // gissa på ett ord.
    if (guess == currentWord)
    System.out.println(" you win!" );

    while (guess != currentWord)
    numberOfGuesses = numberOfGuesses +1;

    if (numberOfGuesses > maxGuesses)
    System.out.println("You lose" + currentWord);

    // koll om "guess" finns i (contains) order "currentWord".

    // Om sådant inte är fallet,
    // öka värdert på numberOfGuesses.

    //if (numberOfGuesses > maxGuesses){
    // quit();

    public boolean isStarted() {
    return isStarted;


    public void setStarted(boolean isStarted) {
    this.isStarted = isStarted;

    public int getNumberOfGuesses() {
    return numberOfGuesses;


    public void setNumberOfGuesses(int numberOfGuesses) {
    this.numberOfGuesses = numberOfGuesses;

    public int getMaxGuesses() {
    return maxGuesses;


    public void setMaxGuesses(int maxGuesses) {
    this.maxGuesses = maxGuesses;

    public List<String> getGuesses() {
    return guesses;

    public void setGuesses(List<String> guesses) {
    this.guesses = guesses;

    public String getCurrentWord() {
    return currentWord;

    public void setCurrentWord(String currentWord) {
    this.currentWord = currentWord;


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    Default Re: Hangman Game

    Quote Originally Posted by JohanMartin View Post
    can anybode help me with the code
    The first and most evident issue: strings content must be compared with equals method ... not with == .

    I can also see { } which are useless (e.g. the { after guesses.add(guess); ) even if this doesn't cause a compilation error.

    I suggest you to always use { } for if/for, etc... even if the body is a single statement.
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    Default Re: Hangman Game

    Welcome to the forum! Please read this topic to learn how to post code in code or highlight tags and other useful info for newcomers.

    Don't give up. We can't do it for you, but we'll help you. Describe why you're stuck, ask specific questions about the results you're seeing and would like to change. If you're getting errors, post those too.

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