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Thread: hangman game

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    Question hangman game

    /*the file that im reading from has 40 lines of words. I need to read from file whatever the size of the file and assign the amount of word from the file to the array size. thank you in advance

    public static void main(String[] args) throws FileNotFoundException {
    // TODO Auto-generated method stub

    String[] words = new String[40];// size of the array
    readWords(words);// this method store all words in an array
    String secretWord = getWord(words);// this method choose a random word
    char status[] = new char[secretWord.length()];// takes the length
    for (int i = 1; i < secretWord.length(); i++) {//set the limit of the for loop
    status[i] = '?';//puts a ? symbol in every token of the string
    Scanner console = new Scanner(System.in);
    int tries = 6;//hold number of misses in the program
    while (tries > 0) {
    System.out.println("Enter a letter:");
    char guessLetter = (console.next()).charAt(0);//hold a char and store it in guessletter
    int hits = processGuess(guessLetter, secretWord, status);//this method test whether the guessletter was found in the string and returns the number of char found
    displayWord(secretWord, status);//this method display the word found and the misses

    if (hits > 0) {//test if the char was found
    System.out.println("found!" + guessLetter);
    boolean finished = true;//holds value to exit for loop
    for (int i = 0; i < secretWord.length(); i++) {
    if (status[i] == '?') {//test whether the array as symbol ?. if it does then the word is not complete
    finished = false;//false indicates that the array still have unsolved letters
    if (finished) {//if boolean is true finish this program
    break;//exit while loop
    } else if (hits == 0) {//if hits don't execute the letter was not found.
    System.out.println("sorry no " + guessLetter);
    tries--;//decrease the number of misses
    System.out.println(tries + " remaining misses");

    if (tries == 0) {//execute when all tries have being used.
    System.out.println("Sorry you lose, the word was \'"
    + secretWord + "\'");

    public static void printIntro() {//prints the introduction of the program
    System.out.println("Welcome to hangman try to guess the secret word,"
    + " you have 6 chances.");

    public static void readWords(String[] words) {//read all the words from the file
    File file = new File("words.txt");//set direction of the file
    try { //
    Scanner console = new Scanner(file);//scanner for the file
    int index = 0;//to fill in all the elements of the array
    while (console.hasNextLine()) {
    String word = console.nextLine();
    words[index] = word;//store word in the array
    index++;//move index of the array

    } catch (FileNotFoundException e) {//throw exception not found

    public static String getWord(String[] words) {//method would pick a random word from file
    Random rand = new Random();
    int index = rand.nextInt(40);//choose any element
    String secretWord = words[index];//choose a random word from a words array
    return secretWord;//return the random word

    public static int processGuess(char guess, String secretWord, char[] status) {//this method test whether the letter was found
    int count = 0;
    for (int i = 0; i < secretWord.length(); i++) {
    if (guess == secretWord.charAt(i)) {//test if the the user input guess letter was found
    status[i] = '+';//store + in every element found
    return count;

    public static void displayWord(String secret, char[] status) {
    for (int i = 0; i < secret.length(); i++) {
    if (status[i] == '+') {//if it has a + then the letter was found
    System.out.print(secret.charAt(i));//print the letter
    } else {
    System.out.print("_");//if not found
    System.out.println();//to get a new blank line

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    Default Re: hangman game

    Your post doesn't ask a question, and you've still got an active question regarding this program, one which has a response that you never replied to. Locking this. Please reply to Norm, and if you post a question here, please actually ask a question that is separate from the code so that it can easily be seen to be a question. You'll also want to read the FAQ to learn about use of [code] [/code] tags so that your code will show its formatting.

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