This is my first time trying to use an sdk so please be gentle. This is for a IT project from college. My prof basically said "Here's a device, it comes with a sdk, here's all the developer edition stuff it comes with. Make something."
So here I am trying to make something but i can't get past the first step.

Short explanation, this is a wireless headset that detects brainwaves. Think EEG. It allows you to do things on your computer just by thinking. It's called the emotive epoc.

Now for the fun....I created a new blank java project, created a folder called "lib" and clicked and dragged the .jar file that came with the code examples to the folder, right-clicked the .jar and added to build path.

Then I click/dragged the 3 .java files with all the methods I would need to use the library to the project. Then I made a new class (testing) and tried to call the method the manual says to use first to establish a connection with the headset. The headset wasn't plugged in, but this exception makes me think that doesn't quite matter yet cause I got this error. "......Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Unable to load library 'edk': The specified module could not be found....."

Since I just imported the library AND the pre-built methods, following the instructions sent with them, my question is.....whats up with that? (extra points for anyone that can tell me what show I paraphrased there! )