I am trying to adjust the cellbots code
| Cellbots: Using Cellphones as Robotic Control Platforms

so it can control this holonomic lego mindstorm robot.
A LEGO Mindstorms NXT Autonomous Killough Platform using 3x Sonars, Programmed with RobotC
In RobotC code I plan to read a bluetooth command to the lego mindstorm nxt like in this
PS2 Controlled Holonomic Platform Using RobotC
Programing Killough Omnidirectional Platforms Using RobotC

But I need help in adjusting the cellbots code to be able to send Vx and Vy data from mouse coordinates
The cellbots code is made to control two wheeled lego mindstorm nxt but I try to control a holonomic platform.

The Java code looks like this
that takes commands from the javascript in index.html

It is able to send drive commands when pressing key arrows and I have adjusted javascript to send drive commands from key w,a,s,d keys also.

How do I adjust the
so that it sends mouse coordinates Vx and Vy to the lego mindstorm nxt when I press a key on the keyboard?

I am just asking...

Regards MagI