Well, I have to submit an assignment and the teacher wants a makefile included. I read up a little bit on the tutorials for makefiles but he wants javacc to run, along with javac and then java so he can just type "make" and run my assignment. My assignment was to use javacc to make some grammars. Ok, got that done. But i'm unfamiliar with makefiles. This is what I wrote down:
JC = javac
JRE = java
JCC = javacc
.SUFFIXES: .java .class .jj
	$(JC) $(JFLAGS) $*.java
	$(JCC) decaf.jj
DecafParser.class: javac DecafParser.java
DecafParserConstants.class: javac DecafParserConstants.java
DecafParserTokenManager.class: javac DecafParserTokenManager.java
ParseException.class: javac ParseException.java
SimpleCharStream.class: javac SimpleCharStream.java
Token.class: javac Token.java
TokenMgrError.class: javac TokenMgrError.java
classes: .java=.class
	$(RM) *.class

I can get javacc to run. But I after that I have no idea how to get javac to run on the .java files that javacc outputs. Then I have to ultimately run java on DecafParser (which has my main method). Any help would be appreciated.