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Thread: Help with Linux makefile

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    Default Help with Linux makefile

    Hello there..

    After four days of attempts.. I have yet to complete what should be a VERY VERY simple task.
    Creating a linux makefile..

    I have created a project on Windows using Netbeans.. never having experience in Linux, my professor will not accept anything but a makefile that will run in a Linux environment..

    I have resorted to using a friend's laptop for a few days since he is running Ubuntu.
    I installed Java sdk.. I have gotten as far as navigating to the directory and able to do a

    Javac Main.java Course.java Rooms.java CSVParser.java CSVReader.java

    and that compiles with warnings but no errors.. I then tried to run
    Java main

    but that failed saying it cannot find the class..

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    Here is a link to my netbeans project.. Any pointers or suggestions is GREATLY appreciated. Also, here is the makefile I am attempting to use..
    JFLAGS = -g
    JC = javac
    .SUFFIXES:	.java	.class
    	$(JC)	$(JFLAGS)	$*.java
    CLASSES = \
    	Main.java \
    	Course.java \
    	Rooms.java \
    	CSVParser.java \
    default: classes
    classes: $(CLASSES:.java=.class)
    	$(RM) *.class

    Please help!!

    P.S. I have posted this on two other java forums but no luck

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    Default Re: Help with Linux makefile

    Why not give him a JAR file with the executable attribute set? That way all he has to do is double click it.

    If your teacher wants the source code, tell your teacher you're doing what most java developers out there do and include a separate file called src.zip which has your entire netbeans project folder.

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