We are Clocktower Games and we are a recently established team of programmers, artists, designers and composers with significant past experience in game development. This is our first project as a team.


We require coders fluent in Java (minimum several years experience) to assist our lead coder (12 years experience). Experience developing games with the Slick2D game engine will also be highly regarded but not necessary. As a team member you will be collaborating with our lead on programming tasks as well as providing your own creative input into the design of the game under the hood.

We are using the Tiled map editor to construct our levels.


Our game is a classic singleplayer 2D jump-and-run platformer similar to such games as Mario, Sonic, Megaman and Commander Keen. High production values is one of our key features and we are aiming for a fun, light-hearted feel for audiences young and old. We are ultimately aiming to distil the main strengths of the best platformers of the past into our game.

During the game the player character will fight and manoeuvre his way through a range of colourful environments from tropical beaches to jungles and mountain landscapes using an arsenal of weapons and power ups over the course of a fully detailed campaign of 25+ levels. Along the way he will meet a range of characters to help him on his journey and help tell a tale of action and adventure.


While we make the disclaimer that this is a hobbyist project initially, we fully intend for a commercial release onto a range of platforms (including Steam, OSX and Linux among others). In the event that we experience success with this game, those who contribute will certainly be compensated (determined by the amount of work each person has contributed).


We are fully dedicated to this project and are determined to see it through to completion.

If you're interested in joining us, please add me on Skype or send us an email and we can get down to business.

Skype Name: dyingofthelight
email: clocktowergamescontact at gmail dot com

Thank you for your time.

The Clocktower Games team