Hi All,

I have a web service which receives an custom object and returns another custom object. It can be deployed successfully on GlassFish or JBoss.

@WebMethod(operationName = "providerRQ")
@WebResult(name = "BookingInfoResponse" , targetNamespace = "http://tlonewayresprovidrs.jaxbutil.rakes.nhst.com/")
public com.nhst.rakes.jaxbutil.tlonewayresprovidrs.Bookin gInfoResponse providerRQ(@WebParam(name = "BookingInfoRequest" , targetNamespace = "http://tlonewayresprovidrq.jaxbutil.rakes.nhst.com/")
com.nhst.rakes.jaxbutil.tlonewayresprovidrq.Bookin gInfoRequest BookingInfoRequest) {
com.nhst.rakes.jaxbutil.tlonewayresprovidrs.Bookin gInfoResponse BookingInfoResponse = new com.nhst.rakes.jaxbutil.tlonewayresprovidrs.Bookin gInfoResponse();
return BookingInfoResponse;

But when I create a client for this web service, two instances of BookingInfoRequest and BookingInfoResponse generated even I need only one instance.

This time an error is returned that says multiple classes with same name are can not be possible.......
here is the link for the screen shot of error...

So, I want to know that how to generate only one instance(I don't know why two instances are generated at client side?).

Please help me to move in right direction.

Thanks in advance
Vinod Pandey