Hi All,
Am new to this forum.This is my first thread.

following is the problem description i am facing.
I am having a web service that returns dataset in .net (VB.NET)
SO in netbeans i am creating new webservice client.
my url for extracting WSDL is like this.
i am getting proper wsdl.
so when ever i am creating java client for it it gives me following error
Web Service client cannot be created by JAXWS:wsimport utility.
Reason undefined element decalaration 's:schema'.
There might be problem in java artifacts creation for example a named conflict in generated classes.
To detect the problem see the error messages in output window.
You may be able to fix the error on wsdl customization dialog
(edit web service attributes action.)
or by editiing the local wsdl or schema files by jaxb customization
(local wsdl or schema files are located at xml-resources directory)
After you finish you need to referesh the client in Web services reference node.

Following is retriver output
Jul 8, 2010 9:56:30 AM : Retrieving Location: 
        Retrieved : 
        Saved at: E:\Santosh\projects\Java\Java EE\RWD\src\conf\xml-resources\web-service-references\Service\wsdl\\TEST_WS\Service.asmx.wsdl

Development Env. configuration
JDK version 1.6.0
IDE netbeans 6.9
jax-b api version 2.2

WEB Service Details
name : Service
method: getDetails() returns DataSet

Also i tried a sample webservice that returns String.its client created normally.
I also refered to this Section
The service works for .net folks very well...

Is there any way i can get the dataset in java. Or parse it some how by doing little here and there.?????