Hi, my name is Kevin and I'm here looking for some information on jobs in this field of work. This post might be a little long so sorry in advance. A little bit of my background, I just recently got done with a 2 year associate degree for web software development and have no other experience with this stuff besides that. Prior to this I was a welder for 10 years and lost my job to a plant shutdown because the company sent my job to another country. Because of the way I lost my job I got approved for paid schooling for up to two years and I decided to take the opportunity. I currently have a job as an auto body tech and absolutely love it, I grew up in a body shop and it just feels like home, so I'm not looking to quit and do programming full time but it would be nice to put some of what I have learned to use. I'm wondering if anyone here could help point me in the right direction to find something in this line of work. I have been doing the LinkedIn and indeed and have a resume, that was all part of the schooling process, but the majority of everything I find is high level jobs or it's a remote job that I'm competing with people that have years of experience and I have no shot going against. I'm not out here looking for a $100 an hour job or even a full time thing but if there's anything out there that's understating that I don't have experience and just want a foot in the door it would be neat.