Hello All,

As new java user I will introduce myself.
The reason is that I,am working on a project ( hobby scale) and facing a java chalange.
I,am resently became a pensionado. Which mean I have mnore time I ever could spent on my electronical hobby.
With the help of a ESP32 and a BME280 sensor I,am sending the sensor data to a server.
Which I will read.
As a former elec. I have limited knowledge on electronics.
Also some yearts now with the arduino ide and C++ programming I heve fun.
To solve my chalange I bought the java programming book fopr dummies. It looks like I am to dum???
The book is not able to give answers on my chalanfe/question.
So therefor I became a java forum member.

Hopefully I have fun on your forum.
ragards ilioSS