jTorchat stands for Java Torchat, and is a complete rewrite of the popular p2p IM messenger Torchat.

The underlying protocol of jtorchat is based on python Torchat (torchat - messenger application on top of the Tor network and it's location hidden services - Google Project Hosting).

Accessible to All = Writing it in java allows for easy portability of code between platforms, perhaps even in android phones.
Alive and connected to All = Broadcast feature, and eventually group chat, will provide talkers the ability to interact as a group, or as a public mass.
Transparent to All = All jtorchat will come with the source, thus increasing transparency and thus security.

Features from python Torchat

  • Basic Messaging to Torchat users - Done
  • Popup Alerts - Done
  • Time Stamp - Done
  • File transfer - Done
  • Minimize to tray - Done
  • Taskbar flashes on msg - How the hell do you do it in java, crossplatform?

Features extended beyond python Torchat

  • Auto buddy request - done - Helps newcomers find people to talk to
  • Interface to existing installed tor via GUI - done
  • Broadcast Mode - done - Allows a message to be sent to everyone in the network (no sender spoofing protection tho)
  • BuddySync - allows a group to always keep their buddies in sync over tor.
  • Group Chat - Not Yet - For secure group communication.
  • FileSharing - allows for calling and downloading files off online buddies.


put budReq'd buddies into a different group
move old buddies from the default group to 'Old buddies' group (but not removing them from user set groups)

jtorchat on github: https://github.com/jtorchat/jtorchat
jtorchat on code.google: https://code.google.com/p/jtorchat/

Thanks a lot if you actually help out