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Thread: Software Adobe confirms Flash Player is dead for mobile devices

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    Default Software Adobe confirms Flash Player is dead for mobile devices

    Article: Adobe confirms Flash Player is dead for mobile devices -- Engadget

    Adobe has announced that it's abandoning development on flash for mobile development to focus on html5. What does this mean for Java?

    Flash has been kicking Java's butt in the in-browser department (even if that's mostly because of incorrect public opinion), but will Java perform better in the mobile department now that Flash is no longer a contender? With Java Android development already being a big deal, will this be Java's great public comeback? Or will html5 swoop in and steal the spotlight?

    Personally, I think it really depends on how Oracle decides to market Java- if they/we can educate the public about how user friendly Java is (or at least can be), and what cool stuff you can do with it (other than boring default look-and-feel applications), we'll see a resurgence of interest in our skills as Java programmers. Minecraft did a little bit to put Java back on the game development map, but what else can we do to show people what they can do with Java?

    Html5 already has the hype on its side, so the battle is far from won. I'm excited about how this is going to play out.

    What do you think? Any ideas on what we, as Java developers, can do to help educate the public about our world? Or is it a fruitless effort? Should we all start learning html5 now? I know that programming languages (it feels really weird to include html in that group) are tools, and that there are different tools for different jobs, but can Java's usefulness be made more apparent to developers who are always chasing the cool newest thing?
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    Default Re: Software Adobe confirms Flash Player is dead for mobile devices

    This is very interesting. Thanks to the Android OS, I think that Java will continue to go from strength to strength but with all the hype about HTML5, Java is sure to take a hit. It will be interesting to see how this pans out..

    I think all we can do as fans of Java is keep pushing it within the community and hope it reaches a wider audience. There is definitely a major interest in Android and Android development so this is really good news for Java. Hopefully Oracle will capitalise on this. Ultimately it is in their hands.

    A good friend of mine is an advocate of HTML5 so I will be watching this closely.
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