I'm Godfrey, Founder/C.E.O Quad Empire LTD. Quad Empire is a Mother company that has various Subsidiaries which deals with various forms of businesses. I am currently about to about to unveil our IT section and I'm in search of a reputable programmer that could help produce a unique kind of application/software/Program for my company and therefore head my IT division.

I have done a nation wide research on all the telecommunication outfit/Mobile network operator in my country and i concluded that it is impossible to enter two different top-up/Recharge cards/Credit voucher Pins at the same time on your mobile phone. You'll have to put them one after the other(which is a bit stressful).

So i decided to search for a programmer that could develop a program that would enable all Mobile network subscribers top-up/Recharge their mobile phone accounts with more than one Top-up/recharge card/Credit voucher pin(of their various Network carriers i.e vodafone,MTN e.t.c) at the same time from their mobile phones.

I am not a programmer, so i am ready to pay or let who ever is able to develop the said program have a stake in the IT section of my company. Please interested OR capable programmers should please leave a reply or contact me directly by godfrey.ivhurie@gmail.com Thank you.