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Thread: Hangman program

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    Default Hangman program

    Hi all, I am taking a very beginner java class at my high school, and am completely stuck on a program we are working on. It is essentially a very simple hangman game, in which the user enters a 5 letter word, then enters guesses. I will post the directions as well as what i have.

    Write a hangman game. Your game should:
    * Ask the user for a 5 letter lower case word. Error check the
    * length of the word to make sure it's 5 letters long. You
    * may assume all of the letters are lower case.
    * Print out guess (it should start as 5 underlines) and ask the
    * user for a lower case letter. This should all be in ONE
    * JOP window.
    * Check to see if the letter is in the word and update the guess
    * if it is. You do not need to show this in a JOP window.
    * Continue displaying the guess and asking for letters until
    * the user has guessed the word.
    * Print a congratulations message that contains the word and
    * the number of letters the user had to enter.
    * Use the main method below. DO NOT change it. You can
    * comment out method calls until you write them.
    * Things you could add:
    * Have it work for any sized word.
    * Have it work for upper & lower case letters.
    * Show the incorrect letters the user has chosen.

    public class Hangman
    	public static void changeJOP()
    		UIManager.put("Label.font", new FontUIResource
    				(new Font("Nyala", Font.BOLD, 28)));
    		UIManager.put("Panel.background",new Color (0,0,205));
    		UIManager.put("Button.foreground", new Color(25,25,112));
    		UIManager.put("Button.font", new FontUIResource
    				(new Font("Nyala", Font.BOLD, 14)));
    	public static String enterWord(String word)
    		int num;
    		String s; 
    		s = (JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Enter a 5 letter word:"));
    		num= s.length();
    		}while(num != 5);
    		return s;
    	public static void enterLetter(char letter, String word)
    	public static void checkLetter()
    	public static void main(String[] args)
    		String word="", guess="     ";
    		char letter;
    		int count = 0;
    		word= enterWord();
    			letter = enterLetter(guess);
    			guess=checkWord(word, guess, letter);
    		printCongrats(word, count);
    The main was built for us, everything else i did.
    I have been looking at it all day, and cannot come up with anything to do next.
    Thanks all for your time..
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    Default Re: Hangman program

    Hi psgtyler, welcome to the forums!

    I have added "code" tags to your post (so I can read it The idea is you put [code] at the start of a section of code and [/code] at the end. That way the forum software displays it with indentation intact. The same applies to error messages and things where indentation is necessary for readability - there seems to be no "pre" markup, so we use [code]...[/code] there too. It doesn't matter with this code, but you might find using *spaces* rather than tabs to indent is a good idea. Tabs can be a bit unpredictable at the best of times, and many browsers render them uncomfortably wide.


    Take it a step at a time. Document your code: that is describe in the code exactly what enterWord() is supposed to do, then test to make sure it really does that. If you get a compiler message you can't understand, post it and I'm sure someone will explain what it means.

    Also don't be in a hurry to race into the code. Think about *what* each of those four methods are supposed to do. It might help to think about how you (rather than a computer) would carry out the procedure described in the instructions with another person playing the part of the user.

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