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Thread: dbscan algorithm

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    Post dbscan algorithm

    please help me..i cnt run this dbscan algorithm. i have project tommrow ..it is giving 59 errors..please send me dbscan working algo without errors.
    package algorithms;

    import input.Dataset;
    import input.Element;

    import java.util.Collection;
    import java.util.LinkedList;
    import java.util.List;
    import java.util.SortedMap;

    * @author Markus
    public class DBSCAN implements ClusteringAlgorithm {

    float epsilon;
    int minPoints;

    public float getEpsilon() {
    return epsilon;
    public void setEpsilon(float epsilon) {
    this.epsilon = epsilon;
    public int getMinPoints() {
    return minPoints;
    public void setMinPoints(int minPoints) {
    this.minPoints = minPoints;
    /* (non-Javadoc)
    * @see algorithms.ClusteringAlgorithm#doClustering(input. Dataset)
    public void doClustering(Dataset dataset) {
    int currentClusterId = 0;
    for (int i = 0; i < dataset.size(); i++) {
    Element featureVector = dataset.get(i);
    if(featureVector.getCalculatedClusternumber() == Element.UNCLASSIFIED){
    if(this.expandCluster(i,currentClusterId, this.epsilon, this.minPoints, dataset ));
    currentClusterId ++;


    * @param featureVector
    * @param currentClusterId
    * @param gamma2
    * @param minPoints2
    private boolean expandCluster(int pointnumber, int currentClusterId, float gamma2, int minPoints2, Dataset dataset) {
    LinkedList<Integer> seeds = (LinkedList<Integer>) this.getNeighbours(dataset, pointnumber);
    if (seeds.size() < this.minPoints){ //no core point
    dataset.get(pointnumber).setCalculatedClusternumbe r(Element.NOISE);
    return false;
    for (Integer i : seeds) {
    dataset.get(i).setCalculatedClusternumber(currentC lusterId);
    while (!seeds.isEmpty()){
    int currentPoint = seeds.getFirst();
    Collection<Integer> result = this.getNeighbours(dataset, currentPoint);

    if (result.size() >= this.minPoints){
    for (Integer resultPId : result) {
    Element resultP = dataset.get(resultPId);
    if (resultP.getCalculatedClusternumber() == Element.UNCLASSIFIED){
    resultP.setCalculatedClusternumber(currentClusterI d);
    if (resultP.getCalculatedClusternumber() == Element.NOISE){
    resultP.setCalculatedClusternumber(currentClusterI d);
    return true;

    * This method queries the dataset for the neighbours of the passed element (id) that
    * satisfie [dist (id, x) <= epsilon for x element of dataset] .
    * The method returns the ids of the points that fullfill the condition
    * @param dataset
    * @param featureVector
    * @param id
    * @return list of ids that are in the epsilon neighborhood
    private Collection<Integer> getNeighbours(Dataset dataset, int id) {
    SortedMap<Float, List<Integer>> neigbourList = dataset.getNeighbourMatrix()[id];
    List<Integer> result = new LinkedList<Integer>();
    //because the api returns strictly smaller we add a small value.
    Collection <List<Integer>>closepoints = neigbourList.headMap(this.epsilon +0.0000000000000001f).values();
    for (List<Integer> list : closepoints) {
    return result;


    public String toString(){
    return "DBSCAN";


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    Default Re: dbscan algorithm

    it is giving 59 errors..please send me dbscan working algo without errors.
    And...what are the errors? We are neither a code service or a fixit service, so providing all information helps someone else come along and provide guidance.

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