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Thread: Math.E - what exactly is it?

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    Default Math.E - what exactly is it?

    Hey everyone,

    What is Math.E and how can it be used? I've heard it has something to do with "logarithms" but I'm not quite sure what that is either.

    Many thanks,

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    Default Re: Math.E - what exactly is it?

    This is a constant value that is stored in the Math class;
    Example: the PI is also a standart constant look references to math constants
    class Math
        static double E = 2.718...;
        static double PI = 3.141596535...;
    Maybe your looking for the exponent method ?
    Here are methods that are int the Math class with description:
    abs(type a) – returns the absolute value of the type(double, float, long, int)
    exp(double exponent) – e^exponent. Returns double
    sqrt(double a) – returns the square root of the given double
    log(double a) – returns the natural log of a
    log10(double a) – returns the base 10 log of a
    ceil(double a) – rounds up to the nearest whole int
    floor(double a) – rounds down to the nearest whole int
    pow(double base, double exponent) – guess what this does? Yep, raises the base to the exponent

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