I am one of those oddballs, i <3 programming, but math is not my strong suit..

float targetX = targetCreature.getX();
float targetY = targetCreature.getY();
float shooterX = myPlayer.getX();
float shooterY = myPlayer.getY();
xDelta = (float) ((targetX - shooterX));
yDelta = (float) ((targetY - shooterY));

That gives me the speeds I need to move my missle on the xAxis and yAxis to hit my target. However, there is no way for me to slow my projectile down. Should i create two arrays of Xaxis and Yaxis floats, say.. 100 of them (projectile range) and somehow manipulate them ? any advice would be great, as i am horrible at trig, a 2D game engine is much harder that i thought, but it is up and working , just cant slow my missles down.