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  1. Decisions and a quick bit of code - MGA 2

    So I had an hour today to make a few decisions, the first of which was which type of object to use in order to run the MGA on. There is a choice of either using generics where we have <E extends GenericObject>. Or using a cast to an interface. So GenericObject o = new ActualObject();

    Examples of the two implementations are below in simple format for reference, and I will most likely end up using an interface cast.

    public class InterfaceExample
  2. I'm Brian! No I'm Brian! I'm Brian and so's my wife!

    This is an introductory post, setting the scene for things to come. Over the foreseeable future I'm going to embark on a minor project, whilst posting updates here for anyone who may be interested.

    What's the project? Well, the hint is in the title (for those who don't get the reference, I am definitely NOT Brian), I want to write a fairly detailed, easily configurable and extendible Genetic Algorithm. With a catch, the Genetic Algorithm has to be able to run on itself, multiple layers ...
  3. JPF Reputation and how it works.

    Quote Originally Posted by GregBrannon View Post
    I'll be darned. That's what the star does. I played with it on Cornix' last post, and when selected, the choice is given to "approve" or "disapprove," apparently meaning to add positive or negative rep.

    Now explain to me what blogging a post does besides build towards coffee cups.
    Errr.. I dunno.
  4. Blogger

    I have recently decided to start a blog over to Blogger.

    There are a few reasons for this:

    1. I'm interested in many things other than just Java (and even programming), I figured it would make sense to create a blog where I could focus on these aspects.

    2. Blogger allows me to use raw Javascript/HTML/etc. in my posts. This allows me to put advanced features into my pages/posts (for example collapsing menus). It also motivates me to learn client-side web ...
  5. LWJGL 3D Terrain Demo: ver 1.1 released

    I updated the 3D terrain demo over at Static Void Games.

    Changes made:

    • Fixed un-responsiveness during initialization
    • Created an applet version (no more webstart)
    • Switched from pure triangles to triangle strips (less memory, faster)
    • Reduced demo app default height map resolution to 512x512
    • Switched to a tiled rendering method. The plan is to in the future have frustrum culling implemented to increase performance.
    • Various small changes and tweaks


    Updated October 22nd, 2012 at 13:03 by helloworld922

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