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  1. How and why an SSCCE?

    The term SSCCE gets thrown around a lot in online programming forums. Its a simple acronym that stands for Short, Self Contained, Correct Example. But what is so important about an SSCCE? For starters, creating an SSCCE provides a very simple example that clearly demonstrates a given problem, helping one receive help and advice much quicker. But it also goes far beyond just that. Often just the process alone of writing an SSCCE will unveil the problem at hand. But even more important, the process ...
  2. Create your own Exceptions!

    I was surprised to notice that there wasn't a single tutorial on this forum which covered the creation of your own Exception classes, so I decided to make a small tutorial for you.
    TL;DR - If you don't fancy reading all the details, you may jump straight to the code, as it's pretty self explanatory if you have a basic concept of Exceptions and their hierarchy.


    You might be surprised to know that creating your own Exception is as easy, if not easier ...
  3. Look and Feel ToolBar solution.

    This solution is written coz of the problem i have faced for almost a week and after a huge panic, i came to find an alternate solution to solve the problem.
    The problem is Java Synthetica BlackEye Look and Feel with the desktop application. Well, if you try to place a tool bar over your desktop application, you will
    never be able to see LAF(Look and Feel) effect over it. You will most probably get even more confused if you will see the effect on the menu items. Well, what is the actual ...
  4. Blogger

    I have recently decided to start a blog over to Blogger.

    There are a few reasons for this:

    1. I'm interested in many things other than just Java (and even programming), I figured it would make sense to create a blog where I could focus on these aspects.

    2. Blogger allows me to use raw Javascript/HTML/etc. in my posts. This allows me to put advanced features into my pages/posts (for example collapsing menus). It also motivates me to learn client-side web ...