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Thread: Implementation of search function for Patricia Trie

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    Default Implementation of search function for Patricia Trie

    Hello every1...

    I am trying to implement a search function for the Patricia Trie I developed earlier.
    It is actually a hamming distance search wherein the search function will search the nodes recursively until a first match is found which is within the hamming distance D.

    For e.g.
    For the dictionary of the words:
    I have the tree as follows:
    and if I should search for the query string
    with a hamming distance of 1,
    my search function should output the string
    since it is within the hamming distance of 1.

    Here's the code I've written so far:
    // Create and initialize some Global variables like:
    // Weight W, for every difference in the character we compare, increment this variable and compare with distance D
    int weight = 0;
    // Current Position in the q array
    int qPos = 0;
    String rsl; // buffer string to store the node keys as we search a branch
    void search(String query, int distance) {
            // Convert the query string to a char array e.g. qArr
        	char[] qArr = query.toCharArray();
        	final int d = distance; // the Hamming Distance input by the user
    * Search a query in the Trie within a Query distance using recursion.
    private void search(TrieNode<T> node, char[] q, int distance, int qcurrPos) {
        	// For each children of the node do the following
        	// this will start with root's children when first time called
        	for (TrieNode<T> n : node.getChildren()) {
    		// Get the child's key value and convert it to a temporary char array e.g. char[] temp
        		char[] temp = n.getKey().toCharArray();
        		// store the key value in the buffer string 'rsl'
        		String tmp = temp.toString();
        		rsl = rsl + tmp;
        		// Do Until the length of temp
        		for (int i = 0; i < temp.length; i++) {
    			// Compare the contents of temp with the next position of the q array
        			if (temp[i] != q[qcurrPos]) {
        				// If the characters differ then add 1 to W
        		// If W is less than distance D and the node is non-leaf then recurse thru the non-leaf's children
        		if (weight < distance && (!n.isReal()) && qcurrPos < q.length){
        			// search the node's children
        			search(n, q, distance, qcurrPos);
        		// else if W < D and the node is a leaf node, we've found our search string
        		else if (weight < distance && n.isReal()) {
        			//print out the buffer string
        			System.out.println("Closest match found in:");
        		else System.out.println("No Match Found for the query string!");
        	} // end of 1st for loop
    	} // end of function search
    My search should end while I am at a leaf node and the Weight W is less than or equal to D
    Or Until I have searched all the nodes of the Trie.

    If you could point out my flaws or add to my search logic, It would be greatly appreciated.

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