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Thread: HELP random generator with roll() and print() method

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    Default HELP random generator with roll() and print() method

    so i'm trying to make a program where once the die is rolled, then a picture prints...
    my random generator is working properly, but its my print() method thats not.. once i've rolled the die, it gives a random number, but once i do the print method, the topValue turns into a negative which ruins my print() method.. HELP please, i'm not sure what im doing wrong??????

    once i run my main method which is this...

    public class DieTest
    public static void main(String[] args)
    Die die1=new Die();
    die1.print(); //topValue turns into negative =( .. so it doesnt follow what it was in the roll() method


    import java.util.Random;
    public class Die
    private int topValue;
    private int getTopValue()
    return topValue;
    public void roll()
    Random rndm1= new Random();
    for(topValue = 1; topValue >= 1; topValue++);
    int topValue = rndm1.nextInt(6);
    public void print()
    if(topValue == 1)
    System.out.print( "+-------+\n| |\n| o |\n| |\n+-------+\n" );
    else if(topValue == 2)
    System.out.print( "+-------+\n| o |\n| |\n| o |\n+-------+\n" );
    else if(topValue == 3)
    System.out.print( "+-------+\n| o |\n| o |\n| o |\n+-------+\n" );
    else if(topValue == 4)
    System.out.print( "+-------+\n| o o |\n| |\n| o o |\n+-------+\n" );
    else if(topValue == 5)
    System.out.print( "+-------+\n| o o |\n| o |\n| o o |\n+-------+\n" );
    System.out.print(topValue +"+-------+\n| o o |\n| o o |\n| o o |\n+-------+\n" );

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    Default Re: HELP random generator with roll() and print() method

    Next time, highlight your code using the highlight tags found in my signature.
    for(topValue = 1; topValue >= 1; topValue++);
    Notice the semi-colon at the end. What this will now do is increment for as long as topValue is equal to or greater than 1.
    Integers may only extend to a certain value - a cap if you like, where if it passes its cap it turns negative, which is what is happening to you.

    The reason you even attempted to use a for-loop baffles me, as int topValue = rndm1.nextInt(6); is sufficient.
    Also topValue has already been defined, so no need to call int before it.
    Please use [highlight=Java]//code goes here...[/highlight] tags when posting your code

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    Default Re: HELP random generator with roll() and print() method

    I'm having the same issue. I have found a work around.


    Hope that helps. You do have other flaws in that code however. First you use topValue in a loop, then you set topValue to a random which breaks your loop. these should be 2 different variables.
    Last edited by Spidey1980; August 18th, 2011 at 01:54 PM.

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