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Thread: Dice Program Help

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    Default Dice Program Help

    I have to roll a pair of dice and count the number of box cars (two sixes) that occur, here is what I have:

     import java.util.*;
     public class BoxCar{
         public static void main (String [] args){
             //Declare two dice, and a counter
             PoD die1, die2;
             int counter; // To tell how many times to roll the dice
             int setNumDie1; //Set number to be used in die1.setFaceValue
             int setNumDie2; //Set number to be used in die2.setFaceValue
             int sum;
             int totalBox;
             Scanner scan = new Scanner (System.in);
             //Declares di1 and die2 as dice
             die1 = new PoD();
             die2 = new PoD();
             //Set the counter to 10, able to count down to 0
             counter = 1000;
             //This section of code demonstrates the setFaceValue mothod 
             //by asking the user to input of the each die they would 
             //like to start at.
             System.out.println ("Please enter a number between 1 and 6:");
             System.out.print ("Die 1: ");
             setNumDie1 = scan.nextInt();
             System.out.print ("Die 2: ");
             setNumDie2 = scan.nextInt();
             //This shows the dice are set at the user inputed number,
             //and show the sum just becuase
             System.out.println ("You set the value of Die #1 at: " +
                die1.getFaceValue() + " and Die #2 at: " + die2.getFaceValue());
             sum = die1.getFaceValue() + die2.getFaceValue();
             System.out.println ("The sum of the two dice are: " + sum);
             //The reason counter is there and not the number ten,
             //is that a simple change in code by allowing the user to 
             //enter counter, it will count that many times.
             System.out.println ("Now we will roll the dice " + 
                counter + " times.");
             //This statement means that as long as counter is less than ten
             //it will keep rolling, Once it reaches ten it will stop.
             while (counter > 0){
                 die1.roll(); //Rolls die1
                 die2.roll(); //Rolls die2
                  if ((die1 == 6) && (die2 == 6)){
                    totalBox ++;
                 System.out.println ("Die one: " + die1 + ", Die two: " + die2); 
                 counter-- ; //Adds 1 to the value to counter

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________

    public class PoD
       private final int MAX = 6;  // maximum face value
       private int faceValue;  // current value showing on the die
       //  Constructor: Sets the initial face value.
       public PoD()
          faceValue = 1;
       //  Rolls the die and returns the result.
       public int roll()
          faceValue = (int)(Math.random() * MAX) + 1;
          return faceValue;
       //  Face value mutator.
       public void setFaceValue (int value)
          faceValue = value;
       //  Face value accessor.
       public int getFaceValue()
          return faceValue;
       //  Returns a string representation of this die.
       public String toString()
          String result = Integer.toString(faceValue);
          return result;

    Where i have the code line " if ((die1 == 6) && (die2 == 6)){
    totalBox ++;"

    all i get is that PoD and int are incomparable types. What am i doing wrong. I cant get the program to count the number of times the dice roll two sixes

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    Default Re: Dice Program Help

    PoD and int are incomparable types
    The die variables are NOT int. You need to add a method to the PoD class that takes an int and tests the die's face value against it.