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Thread: What is the Java "static" modifier for?

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    Question What is the Java "static" modifier for?

    What is the Java "static" modifier for and how to use it correctly? And can it be used at all, what difficulties does it solve?
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    Default Re: What is the Java "static" modifier for?

    The "static" modifier in Java is used to create class-level variables and methods that can be accessed without creating an instance of the class. When a variable or method is declared as static, it belongs to the class itself, rather than to any particular instance of the class. This means that all instances of the class share the same static variable or method.

    For example, if you have a class representing a car, you might declare a static variable https://www.scientecheasy.com/2020/0...variable.html/ to keep track of the total number of cars created, and a static method to return the total number of cars. Any instance of the car class can access the static variable and method to get or update the total number of cars.

    The static modifier can also be used to create static blocks of code that are executed when the class is loaded. This can be useful for initializing static variables or performing other setup tasks.

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