Project (In progress) - Thanks for helping me.

Your ride-sharing app/taxi driver.
* TODO Requirements:
* 1. Create a constructor that takes a Vehicle object to store as
* the instance variable 'vehicle' but you also need a no-argument constructor.
* You must have one constructor Driver() and another constructor Driver(Vehicle)
* 2. Implement the 'drive' method so that it tells the vehicle to drive. Since vehicle has
* a drive method, you only need to call this method. This is called the delegation pattern.
* 3. The Driver is-a User, so they also have 'name' and 'email' properties. Hint: extend User
* 4. Ensure this class is properly encapsulated with getters/setters for each field.
* Hint: Getters and setters must conform to JavaBean specification.
* Use the Ride class as an example for how to write these methods properly.
* You should not have any public variables in this class. All fields must be private.
public class Driver {

public Driveable vehicle;

public void drive() {
// drive the vehicle


pulic class Vehicle {

private int value;