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Thread: 2D Object makes my object smaller, Why?

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    Default 2D Object makes my object smaller, Why?

    Title should read: 2D Object Rotation makes my object smaller, why?

    The problem is that the triangle become smaller and smaller after each rotation for some reason and i dont understand why, im using a formula ive found for the rotation, and its the same on many sites, so i dont know why this is happening. Heres the function that does the rotation.

    public void rotate(double x)
            double tempX[]=new double[OBJECT_COMPLEXITY];   //points for drawing objects
            double tempY[]=new double[OBJECT_COMPLEXITY];
            double cosF=Math.cos(x);    //x is Math.toRadians(10), negated when going right
            double sinF=Math.sin(x);
            for(int j=0; j<obj[0].GetPts(); j++) //loop that goes through all the points
                tempX[j]=obj[0].GetXArray()[j]; //grab the points by value from the array
                System.out.println("#" + j + " Old X: " + tempX[j] + " Old Y: " + tempY[j]);
                tempX[j]=tempX[j]*cosF-tempY[j]*sinF;   //using online formula
                System.out.println("#" + j + " New X: " + tempX[j] + " New Y: " + tempY[j]);
            obj[0].SetArrays(tempX, tempY); //send the arrays back to the object

    Now what i did is turn the triangle 10 degrees to the left, then 10 degrees to the right (yes i converted to radians)

    The original array of points::



    (This is just a triangle)

    And now here is the report generated by the rotations, here is the report after rotating to the left:

    #0 Old X: 0.0 Old Y: -20.0
    #0 New X: -3.4729635533386065 New Y: -19.093081268103244
    #1 Old X: 20.0 Old Y: 0.0
    #1 New X: 19.69615506024416 New Y: -3.4202014332566866
    #2 Old X: -20.0 Old Y: 0.0
    #2 New X: -19.69615506024416 New Y: 3.4202014332566866

    Here it is when rotating back to the right (it should be noted the size still decreases when turning constantly only in one direction)

    #0 Old X: -3.4729635533386065 Old Y: -19.093081268103244
    #0 New X: -0.10472266500395477 New Y: -18.821199361658596
    #1 Old X: 19.69615506024416 Old Y: -3.4202014332566866
    #1 New X: 19.99083795399793 New Y: 0.1031316924119956
    #2 Old X: -19.69615506024416 Old Y: 3.4202014332566866
    #2 New X: -19.99083795399793 New Y: -0.1031316924119956

    Obviously something is wrong, i would be okay with minor imprecisions but this is not even close to the original points.

    Can anyone see anything wrong with this, is perhaps the formula wrong???
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    Default Re: 2D Object makes my object smaller, Why?

    Closely inspect your formula:
                tempX[j]=tempX[j]*cosF-tempY[j]*sinF;   //using online formula
    The formula is technically correct but should be implemented differently. The formulas are
    x'=x*cos(f) - y*sin(f)
    y'= y*cos(f)+x*sin(f)
    However, your code does the following when calculating the new Y value.
    y'=y*cos(f) * x' * sin(f)

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    Default Re: 2D Object makes my object smaller, Why?

    Ahhh, thanks, that did the trick. Ive never incorrectly implemented a formula before, ill be more careful next time.

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