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Thread: How to add to a string format from another class

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    Default How to add to a string format from another class

    I have 2 classes, the first class (person) has a string format and in the second one (Staff) i want to add some more variables to that string, how do i add to the string format?

    Class Person, this is the first class with the most information
    public String toString()
        String str = String.format("\nName:         " + firstName + " " + lastName +
                                   "\nAddress:      " + address1 + 
                                   "\n              " + address2 +
                                   "\n              " + city + ", " + state + "  " + zipCode +
                                   "\nPhone:        " + phoneNumber +
                                   "\nEmail         " + email);
        return str;

    Class Staff had more to it
    public String String()
        String str = String.format("\nID            " + idNumber +
                                   "\nSalary        " + salary +
                                   "\nDepartment    " + department);
        return str;

    Heres the class that gives information and runs it
    Person dave = new Person("Dave", "Hill", "Buttercup Ln", "", "Little Rock", "Arkansas", 67575, 555555, "dave@yahoo.com");
    Staff hank = new Staff("Hank", "Green", "57 Baker St", "", "Denver", "Colorado", 72120, 634839288, "hank@email.com", 2727, 10000.0, "work");

    When it runs it prints out:

    Name: John Fox
    Address: Lane
    Little Rock, Arkansas 63638
    Phone: 667733883
    Email john@email.com

    Name: Hank Green
    Address: 57 Baker St
    Denver, Colorado 72120
    Phone: 634839288
    Email hank@email.com

    It prints exactly how i want but I want the second part to include the id number, salary, and department.

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    Default Re: How to add to a string format from another class

    I do not think the code is using the format method properly.
    The syntax for the method call is: format(String format, Object... args)
    It shows two parts, the format control String and the objects whose values are used by the format method.
    For example:
      System.out.println( String.format("%2.2f", 1.2345) );  // 1.23
    The format method takes the double value: 1.2345 and uses the format String %2.2f to build the String 1.23

    The posted code in post#1 is using String concatenation to build a String by using the concatenation operator: +

    how do i add to the string format?
    Use the String concatenation operator: +
    If you don't understand my answer, don't ignore it, ask a question.

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