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Thread: Comparable Interface

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    Default Comparable Interface

    Comparable Interface In Java?

    public class CD implements Comparable 
    private String title, artist;
    private double cost;
    private int tracks;
    // Creates a new CD with the specified information.
    public CD (String name, String singer, double price, int numTracks)
    title = name;
    artist = singer;
    cost = price;
    tracks = numTracks;
    // Returns a string description of this CD.
    public String toString()
    NumberFormat fmt = NumberFormat.getCurrencyInstance();
    String description;
    description = fmt.format(cost) + "\t" + tracks + "\t";
    description += title + "\t" + artist;
    return description;
    public int compareTo(Object o) 
    CD other = (CD) o; 
    int result = (this.title.compareTo(other.title) 
    if (result == 0) 
    result = (this.artist.compareTo(other.artist);
    return result; 

    Public class CDCollection
       private CD[] collection;
       private int count;
       private double totalCost;
       //  Constructor: Creates an initially empty collection.
       public CDCollection ()
          collection = new CD[100];
          count = 0;
          totalCost = 0.0;
       //  Adds a CD to the collection, increasing the size of the
       //  collection if necessary.
       public void addCD (String title, String artist, double cost,
                          int tracks)
          if (count == collection.length)
          collection[count] = new CD (title, artist, cost, tracks);
          totalCost += cost;
       //  Returns a report describing the CD collection.
       public String toString()
          NumberFormat fmt = NumberFormat.getCurrencyInstance();
          String report = "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\n";
          report += "My CD Collection\n\n";
          report += "Number of CDs: " + count + "\n";
          report += "Total cost: " + fmt.format(totalCost) + "\n";
          report += "Average cost: " + fmt.format(totalCost/count);
          report += "\n\nCD List:\n\n";
          for (int cd = 0; cd < count; cd++)
             report += collection[cd].toString() + "\n";
          return report;
       //  Increases the capacity of the collection by creating a
       //  larger array and copying the existing collection into it.
       private void increaseSize ()
          CD[] temp = new CD[collection.length * 2];
          for (int cd = 0; cd < collection.length; cd++)
             temp[cd] = collection[cd];
          collection = temp;

    The problem is that I am adding a method from CD to another class COLLECTIONS using the compareTo from this method and I can't figure out. Here are the specs:

    Add a findCD() method
    It has two input parameters: title and artist.
    This method returns the CD object that matches the title and artist.
    It returns a null if no match is found.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Default Re: Comparable Interface

    If I understand your problem correctly, you wish to add a findCD() method to your CDCollection class? Seems to me the easiest way to do so is to keep your CD's in a HashSet, but if that is too complex just iterate over your array. Depending upon how you want to search, you may wish to create a 'dummy' CD based upon the function parameters, say a title and artist to search, then use the compareTo (or override the equals method) to check if they are the same.

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