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Thread: What is wrong with my code?

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    Default What is wrong with my code?

    Hey guys, so have this computer science project that I am working on, and it seems like I have an input Mismatch exeption in line 17(rate), but i do not understand why, since I used the nextDouble() and used a Double as input, can anyone help?
    1 package project2;
    3 import java.util.Scanner;
    5 public class file1 {
    7 public static void main(String[] args) {
    9 Scanner scan = new Scanner(System.in);
    10 System.out.print("Pool Lenght (feet): ");
    double lenght = scan.nextDouble(); //feet
    System.out.print("Pool Widht (feet): ");
    double width = scan.nextDouble(); //feet
    System.out.print("Desired Depth (inches): ");
    double depth = scan.nextDouble();//feet
    System.out.print("Rate (gallons/min): ");
    17 double rate = scan.nextDouble(); //gallon per minute
    double ratecubic = rate * 0.133681; //cubic feet per minute
    depth = depth/12;
    double volume = (lenght * width * depth); //cubic feet
    double second0 = ((volume/ratecubic)*60); //seconds
    double hour0 = second0/60; //hour pathwayble
    int second1 = (int)Math.round(second0%60); //seconds in a minute
    int minute =(int) Math.round(hour0%60); //minutes in an hour
    int hour1 = (int)Math.round(hour0/60); //hours
    System.out.println(hour1 +":"+ minute + ":" + second1);


    Here is the code.
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    Default Re: What is wrong with my code?

    I can't see anything obvious, unfortunately your code is difficult to read, and so is your attached screen shot of the error. Could you please cut and paste your code and error message in a code block to make it easier to read? your just need to wrap it as per the below
    your code goes here

    according to the Java docs the error message you got is for the following reason:
    InputMismatchException - if the next token does not match the Float regular expression, or is out of range

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    Default Re: What is wrong with my code?

    I compiled this and it ran just fine (whether the calculations are correct is another thing). The input mismatch exception would occur if you provide input that didn't match a double (e.g. entering chars for numbers). Also, your spellings of length and width are incorrect (you have "ht" instead of "th" in some places). Not a big deal unless you are doing this for someone else.


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