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Thread: JTextPane not printing components inside it

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    Exclamation JTextPane not printing components inside it

    As I couldn't find a way to do the printing of multiple items on one page, I decided to test out my idea. I found that I could have a table in a JTextPane.

    However, whenever I got to print, my table will vanish. It doesn't even need to go to the printer. Just bringing up the print dialog will make it vanish like tax money in D.C.

    (Also, I'm not really that familiar with JTextPane and it seems harder than JTextArea. Which part is controlling the font of my regular text by the way? I think it might be tableParagraph but it could also be the base font. I can try and fiddle with both and waste paper though if you can guess where the font is being set, please tell me.

    Setting the font with setFont() will vanish my table. )

    Somehow, I'm thinking that the solution might be JTextPane.setContentType() or setEditorKit() or both. (I"m not that familiar with either, but I fear that it's only being set to handle text, hence any graphics are being lost.)

    Here is my code:

    import java.awt.*;
    import javax.swing.*;
    import javax.swing.table.*;
    import javax.swing.text.*;
    public class AddingTables {
        JTextPane textPane;
        private Object[][] rows;
        private Object[] colNames;
        public AddingTables(Object[][] rows, Object[] colNames) {
       // String[] text = {"This is the Church Visitation Thingy \n" , " \n", "Mike"};
            String[] text = {
                "\n" + "\n" + "\n" + "The Heading  \n",           //  0 - 89
                " \n",                                             // 90 - 91
                ""  // 92 - 321
            this.rows = rows;
            this.colNames = colNames;
            JTextField jtf = new JTextField();
            jtf.setText("April 15th, 2010");
            JTextArea jta = new JTextArea();
            jta.setText("We all need to fight Barack Obama.  He cannot win. " + 
             "Obama is our enemy.  He hates America.  He is a traitor.");
            textPane = new JTextPane();
            StyledDocument doc = textPane.getStyledDocument();
            createStyles(doc, rows, colNames);
            setContent(doc, text);
             StyledDocument document = (StyledDocument) textPane.getDocument();
            JTextField jtf2 = new JTextField("March 15th, 2014");
             JTextArea area = new JTextArea("We fought Barack Obama today.  He was beat up.");
             String lineString = "_________________________________________________________________________________________";
             JTextField jtf3 = new JTextField("April 7th, 2014");
             JTextArea jta2 = new JTextArea("Paul Adcock, the guy who will help save America, had his 25th Birthday today. \n" + "There was a big party.  We had lots of fun.");
             JTextField jtf4 = new JTextField("July 4th, 2014");
             JTextArea jta3 = new JTextArea("Barry tried to ruin our Independence Day today by using his pen and phone to push Amnesty. \n" + 
             "However, he didn't count on Texas and others refusing to implement it.  Also, we had a big protest at the border. \n" +
             "Barry woulda no doubt sent in his drones but the state militias came to our aide.  We've started the Convention of the States movement in earnest!");
             JTextField jtf5 = new JTextField("November 4th, 2014");
             JTextArea jta4 = new JTextArea("Today, we took the Senate.  Also, we got a lot of Tea Party guys in to replace the RINOs.");
           String newStuff = lineString + "\n" + jtf.getText() + "\n" + jta.getText() + "\n" + lineString + "\n" + jtf2.getText() + "\n" + area.getText() + "\n" + lineString + "\n" + jtf3.getText() + "\n" +
           jta2.getText() + "\n" + lineString + "\n" + jtf4.getText() + "\n" + jta3.getText() + "\n" + lineString + "\n" + jtf5.getText() + "\n" + jta4.getText() + "\n" + lineString + "\n";
           document.insertString(document.getLength(), newStuff, null);
           catch(BadLocationException ble)
           public JTextPane getTextPane()
           return textPane;
        private void createStyles(StyledDocument doc, Object[][] rows, Object[] colNames) {
            Style baseStyle = doc.addStyle("base", null);
            StyleConstants.setFontFamily(baseStyle, "Lucida Sans Unicode");
            StyleConstants.setFontSize(baseStyle, 18);
            StyleConstants.setFirstLineIndent(baseStyle, 20f);
            StyleConstants.setLeftIndent(baseStyle, 10f);
            Style style = doc.addStyle("bold", baseStyle);
            StyleConstants.setBold(style, true);
            style = doc.addStyle("italic", baseStyle);
            StyleConstants.setItalic(style, true);
            style = doc.addStyle("blue", baseStyle);
            StyleConstants.setForeground(style, Color.blue);
            style = doc.addStyle("underline", baseStyle);
            StyleConstants.setUnderline(style, true);
            style = doc.addStyle("green", baseStyle);
            StyleConstants.setForeground(style, Color.green.darker());
            StyleConstants.setUnderline(style, true);
            style = doc.addStyle("highlight", baseStyle);
            StyleConstants.setForeground(style, Color.yellow);
            StyleConstants.setBackground(style, Color.black);
            style = doc.addStyle("table", null);
            StyleConstants.setComponent(style, getTableComponent(rows, colNames));
            style = doc.addStyle("tableParagraph", null);
            StyleConstants.setLeftIndent(style, 12f);
            StyleConstants.setRightIndent(style, 12f);
            StyleConstants.setSpaceAbove(style, 15f);
            StyleConstants.setSpaceBelow(style, 15f);
        private void setContent(StyledDocument doc, String[] text) {
            try {
                doc.insertString(0,               text[0], doc.getStyle("base"));
                doc.insertString(doc.getLength(), text[1], doc.getStyle("table"));
                doc.insertString(doc.getLength(), text[2], doc.getStyle("base"));
            } catch(BadLocationException e) {
                System.out.printf("Bad location error: %s%n", e.getMessage());
        private void styleContent(StyledDocument doc) {
            Style style = doc.getStyle("base");
            doc.setLogicalStyle(0, style);
            style = doc.getStyle("underline");
            doc.setCharacterAttributes(22, 10, style, false);
            style = doc.getStyle("highlight");
            doc.setCharacterAttributes(62, 26, style, false);
            Style logicalStyle = doc.getLogicalStyle(0);
            style = doc.getStyle("tableParagraph");
            doc.setParagraphAttributes(90, 1, style, false);
            style = doc.getStyle("table");
            doc.setCharacterAttributes(90, 1, style, false);
            doc.setLogicalStyle(92, logicalStyle);
            style = doc.getStyle("blue");
            doc.setCharacterAttributes(118, 13, style, false);
            style = doc.getStyle("italic");
            doc.setCharacterAttributes(166, 18, style, false);
            style = doc.getStyle("green");
            doc.setCharacterAttributes(235, 9, style, false);
            doc.setCharacterAttributes(248, 9, style, false);
            style = doc.getStyle("bold");
            doc.setCharacterAttributes(263, 10, style, false);
            doc.setCharacterAttributes(278, 6, style, false);
        private JScrollPane getTableComponent(Object[][] rows, Object[] colNames) {
            JTable table = new JTable(new SpecialTableModel(rows, colNames));
            Dimension d = table.getPreferredSize();
            d.width = 300;
            return new JScrollPane(table);
        private JScrollPane getContent() {
            return new JScrollPane(textPane);
        protected class SpecialTableModel extends DefaultTableModel
        private Object[][] rows;
        private Object[] cNames;
        public SpecialTableModel(Object[][] rows, Object[] cNames)
        super(rows, cNames);
        this.rows = rows;
        this.cNames = cNames;
       // public int getColumnCount() {return cNames.length;}
       // public int getRowCount() { return rows.length;}
        public Object getValueAt(int row, int col)
        return String.valueOf(rows[row][col]);
        public static void main(String[] args) {
            System.setProperty("swing.aatext", "true");
            JFrame f = new JFrame();
            Object[][] rows = new Object[1][5];
            rows[0][0] = "Mongoose";
            rows[0][1] = "Penugin";
            rows[0][2] = "Mark Levin";
            rows[0][3] = "Rikki-tikki-tavi";
            rows[0][4] = "America";
            Object[] colNames = new Object[5];
            colNames[0] = "Name";
            colNames[1] = "Address";
            colNames[2] = "City";
            colNames[3] = "First Name";
            colNames[4] = "Last Name";
            final AddingTables at = new AddingTables(rows, colNames);
            JMenuBar jmb = new JMenuBar();
            JMenu file = new JMenu("File");
            JMenuItem print = new JMenuItem("Print");
            print.addActionListener(new java.awt.event.ActionListener()
            public void actionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEvent e)
            catch(java.awt.print.PrinterException pe)
           // at.getTextPane().setFont(new java.awt.Font("Times New Roman", java.awt.Font.PLAIN, 12));
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    Default Re: JTextPane losing a table when printing

    I have looked on Google and can't find a solution to the issue. I think I may have found one solution to it that somebody posted, but, alas, the link is dead.

    I cannot find a solution online to this.

    What good is JTextPane if it won't print images, icons, or tables added to it but will only display them and will remove them when you try and print?!?

    I was trying to find a way around java's wasteful practice of printing every stinking component on a separate page. I had tried something earlier but the guy who showed the tutorial but left out something crucial in explaining how to do it and the people here haven't replied.

    So I tried JTextPane to try the workaround but now it's not only not printing the table, it's removing it!!!
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    Default Re: JTextPane not printing components inside it

    Swing graphical components are meant to be used to create graphical user interfaces and are not optimized or even designed to be printed. I suppose it's possible - sometimes, for some components - with mixed results, depending on a lot of variables, but I'm sure there are other applications designed specifically for printing things that are better able to meet your requirements.

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    Default Re: JTextPane not printing components inside it

    JTextPane has a method to add components and icons and stuff and allows styles to create tables. It also has a print method. However, when it prints it

    1.) Removes the tables and non-text stuff from the JTextPane.
    2.) Doesn't print them either.

    Is there a way to fix that or to print two or more JTextComponents and a JTable on the same page? (Note: those DO have print methods, but they tend to print all on separate pages.)

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