I have an add() method for my doubly circular linked list which is supposed to add new Nodes at the end while maintaining the data structure. But when I create a doubly circular linked list and print the contents, the output is a list of the first item only.
The method is adding only the first item only.
My class makes use of DoubleNode class which is imported. DoubleNode<E>works fine.
Double node is just a node which has a getPrevious() method in addition to getNext() method.

public void add(E item){
public class DCLinkedList<E> implements SomeInterface<E>{
private int numberOfItems= 0;
private DoubleNode<E> first;
private DoubleNode<E> currentPosition;
public DCLinkedList(){
      first = null;
      currentPosition = first;}
public void add(E item){
private DoubleNode<E> node = new DoubleNode<E>(item);
if(numElements == 0){
    first = node;
    numberOfItems++; currentPosition = first;
  currentPosition = head; numberOfItems++;
  public String toString(){
     String string = ""; int i = 0;
     while( i < numberOfItems){
            string += currentPosition.getInfo()+" "; 
  }   return "{"+string.substring(0,string.length()-1)+"}";
//Here's what happens when I try to run the code.
public static void main(String[] args){
DCLinkedList<Integer> someList = new DCLinkedList<Integer>();

--- Update ---

Was in the middle of deleting post but thought some will find it useful. It turns out the problem was in my toString() method. I actually solved the problem while writing the toString() method. I saw my mistake. So, you should think about your code while posting. You might just spot the mistake and correct it.