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Thread: Java School Project Help; Project #2, In Danger of Failing.....

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    Default Java School Project Help; Project #2, In Danger of Failing.....

    Hi guys, I'll cut straight to the chase; I'm in danger of failing my Java class, because I cannot any of this stuff out. It's too late for me to drop, and I can't fail the class. So, could you guys please help me out? Thanks!

    *I'm not trying to weasel my way out of doing schoolwork. I just cannot figure this stuff out, and everything I've handed in I got a 0 or a 65. Thanks.

    1. [Pass/fail] Read a grade (use type int) from the user and state whether the grade is passing or failing depending on whether or not it is 65 or higher:

    Enter your grade: 57
    Sorry, you failed!

    2. [Password] Prompt the user for a password and then either grant or deny access based on their entry (just print a message, we can't do anything else). Be sure to use an if-else statement. Remember that you need to use
    if (word.equals("swordfish"))
    rather than
    if (word == "swordfish")
    to check if the String variable word contains the string "swordfish".

    3. [Temperature converter] Ask the user if a temperature is in Fahrenheit or Celsius, then ask for the temperature. Then, based on the first answer, calculate and print the temperature in the other scale:
    Enter F or C: f
    Enter temperature: 98.6
    98.6 F = 37.0 C
    Running it again…
    Enter F or C: C
    Enter temperature: 100
    100.0 C = 212.0 F

    Use the formulas C=(5(F-32))/9 and F=1.8C+32 to do the conversion. Be sure to store the temperatures using the double data type, since the user can type a temperature with decimals.
    Finally, you can use
    if (scale.equalsIgnoreCase("C"))
    to compare the letter typed to the letter C without regard to uppercase or lowercase.

    4. [Division calculator] You're going to write a program to divide two numbers that the user enters. Prompt the user for 2 doubles. If the second number is zero, print a "divide-by-zero" error. Otherwise, calculate and print the result of dividing the first number by the second:
    Enter first number: 4.8
    Enter second number: 1.6
    4.8 / 1.6 = 3.0
    And again…
    Enter first number: 4.8
    Enter second number: 0
    Error: Division by zero

    5. 5. [Grade converter] Read an int grade from the user and convert it to A, B, C, D, F, or invalid based on the following ranges:

    Grade range Grade
    90-100 A
    80-89 B
    70-79 C
    65-69 D
    50-64 F
    Anything else invalid

    Enter grade: 82
    That grade is a B.

    Enter grade: 106
    That grade is invalid.

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    Default Re: Java School Project Help; Project #2, In Danger of Failing.....

    what have you tried now? do you have errors or bugs in your code? Unfortunately, we cannot (and don't want to) give the answer or provide a code for your exams. Just give a little effort, then ask specific question and I'm sure someone here is going to assist you. it is better to create different threads with your different activities. you have plenty of days till next wednesday, you can do it.

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