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Thread: Exercise 149

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    Smile Exercise 149

    Hi, I'm having trouble with this exercise. Any help would be appreciated. I think I only have one part wrong, but I'm not sure. I think it has to do with checking for x in ArrayList a. I'm pretty sure I'm not checking for "x" correctly. The error I'm getting is "not a statement: for (x : a) {" or when I put "Person x : a" I get an error that says "modifier expected"

    Here is the exercise instructions and prewritten code:

    In the following definition of the Person class, complete the definition of the includeMeIn method. This takes as its only argument an ArrayList a that contains nothing but Person objects. It adds the instance to the ArrayList, provided only that there is not already a Person object in the ArrayList with the same name:
    public class Person
      private String myName;
      public Person( String name )
        myName = name;
      public String getName()
        return myName;
    //my code would go here
    //here is what I have so far:
    public void includeMeIn( ArrayList<Person> a )
        for (Person x : a){
            if (Person.new == x){
    public class MainClass
      public static void main( String[] args )
    //and here is some other prewritten code that I can modify:
    ArrayList<Person> people = new ArrayList<Person>();
    Person p1 = new Person( "fred" );
    Person p2 = new Person( "eric" );
    Person p3 = new Person( "jason" );
    Person p4 = new Person( "davina" );    
    Person p5 = new Person( "eric" );
    p1.includeMeIn( people );
    p2.includeMeIn( people );
    p3.includeMeIn( people );
    p4.includeMeIn( people );
    p5.includeMeIn( people );
    for ( Person p : people )
      System.out.println( p.getName() );
     //That part was modifiable

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    Default Re: Exercise 149

    for (x : a) {" or when I put "Person x : a" I get an error that says "modifier expected"
    I believe that you have compilation error in this part of your code.
    That is not a valid syntax.
    if (Person.new == x)

    May I know what are you trying to check with that statement?

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    Default Re: Exercise 149

    From what I can see, the includeMeIn method is to check if the name stored within the Person object is already in the ArrayList a that is passed into this method.

    Take a look at the ArrayList API doc at ArrayList (Java Platform SE 7 ). This class contains a method that can help you do the checking.

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