Online Newspaper system – Project Scenario definition

1. Name of the Project Online News
2. Objective/ Vision A national news paper agency wants to automate its customer facing services online (besides hard-copy version) and also want to facilitate a collaborative environment to geographically dispersed teams to make them more innovative and ahead of time.
3. Users of the System A. General public
B. News reporters
C. Script verifiers
D. Administrators (Editors)
E. Other users (if you think there is a need)
4. Functional Requirements i. User A can subscribe for a free daily news paper and paid SMS based news services on desired section like business, sports etc.
ii. User – A and B can also submit news, all kind of advertisements requests includes tenders, birthdays, marriage invite etc.
iii. Registered User-A can also inform a crime, with sting operation video/audio, proof attachments that in-turn immediately sends a SMS to field reporter to cover that matter.
iv. Facilitate communication between reporters, experts and general public through - Discussion forum/chat/mail/polls
v. User C needs to proof read all send articles and finalize them for printing after getting approval from main editor(s).
vi. News reporters are getting many rewards as per there performance on field and breaking news collection, that we need to evaluate and recognize in a separate section of site.
vii. Administrators can grant and revoke various authorities to/from users. He also wants to view the activities of user(s) through logs.
viii. Administrators are also interested in knowing number of hits on particular news and tracking customer’s interest as per his actions on site for market research purpose.
5. Non-functional requirements (Atleast Four) i. Secure access of confidential data (user’s details). SSL can be used.
ii. 24 X 7 availability
iii. Better component design to get better performance at peak time
iv. Flexible service based architecture will be highly desirable for future extension
v. Uninterrupted mail and sms services.
6. Optional features  Java based client for User-B/C/D
 Web-services based architecture to integrate other news agencies and TV channels
 Customizable color scheme or skins
7. User interface priorities A. Professional look and feel
B. Use of AJAX atleast with all registration forms
C. Use of Graphical tool like JASPER to show strategic data to admin
D. Reports and news papers exportable in .XLS, .PDF or any other desirable format
8. Reports A. Different levels of news collection reports like business, crime, sports, science and others
B. News Reporters performance reports
C. Circulation, market research reports
D. One-page complete information to admins depends upon many relevant parameters.
9. Other important issues Website should be highly customizable and flexible enough to easily deploy. That means, if I want to use this solution for a particular news agency or channel, least time should be taken to customize it.
10. Team Size Minimum 2 and Maximum 4
11. Technologies to be used J2EE, XML, AJAX, Web 2.0, Web-services, SOA, PHP or any other Open Standards
12. Tools to be Used RAD/RSA/Eclipse/WSAD/ WebSphere Portal
DB2 Express – ‘C’ or DB2 UDB

Linux will be the preferred OS.
13. Final Deliverable must include A. Online or offline help to above said users, Application deployment executive and developer
B. Application archive ( .war/.ear ) with source code
C. Database backup and DDL Script

Note: Below format and guidelines are suggested by IBM for modern-day object-oriented software development projects.


The initial draft of Problem Definition should contain following minimum points:
1. Title of project:
2. Objective/vision of the system:
3. Scope of the system:
4. Functional requirements of the system: may be specified briefly at this stage
If possible, functional requirements should be specified in classified way on the basis of modules or sub-systems.
5. Users of the system: different types of users who are going to access the system like admin, customers, manager, employee, clerk etc.
6. Non-functional requirements:
like SSL data-encryption or 24*7 email and sms should be available, Flexible service based architecture will be highly desirable for future extension
7. Supplementary requirements or other important issues:
E.g. Website should be highly customizable and flexible enough to easily deploy.
Java stand-alone interface for User B & C
Customizable color scheme or skins
8. System Architecture: 2-tier client/server or 3-tier web-based or J2EE N-tier or stand alone or distributed, explain with figure.
9. User-interface priorities:
E.g. system should be usable with Browser and support for IE, NN, Mozila, and Firefox.
Java based client for Administrator
Customizable color scheme or skins
Use of AJAX atleast with all registration forms
Reports exportable in .XLS, .PDF or any other desirable format

10. Reports or system-outputs expected by the client: report-name and purpose
11. Team-size : how many developers are going to develop the system (team-size of 1 or 2 is preferable)
12. Technologies to be used:
like UML, J2EE, XML, AJAX, Web 2.0, Web-services, SOA
13. Tools to be Used:
like RAD/ROSE/RSA/Eclipse/WSAD/ WebSphere Portal, WAS/WAS CE, DB2 Express – ‘C’ or DB2 UDB,Linux will be the preferred OS.