Hi there,

As soon as I call play for an Audioclip, my applet slows down a lot. I know that the audio isn't loaded until it's played for the first time, but that's not the problem in this case. As long as any audioclip is playing the applets run slowly. If no clip has been played for a while, the speed returns to normal. I've tested my applets on several computers, and the only one that managed not to slow down had four really fast processors. Playing an audioclip shouldn't really require that, right?

This is an example applet with sound: http://www.naalaa.com/applets/Blastemroids.html

And this is the same applet but without sound: http://www.naalaa.com/applets/BlastemroidsNS.html

Are audioclips slow, or could it be something else? For example, the code uses System.currentTimeMillis() in combination with Thread.sleep(...) to maintain a constant fps. Are those reliable, or can they be affected by the sound playback (which I assume is performed in another thread somewhere)?