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Thread: If/else statement working incorrectly...

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    Default If/else statement working incorrectly...

    Hi this is a towers of hanoi puzzle program. Right now I am having trouble with getting the program to solve for 3 discs if when prompted 'Enter the number of discs' is blank (i.e. enter key is hit without inputting any integer value).

    My if/else statement inside my hanoi method is where I think the problem is. I commented out where I think the problem is. How do I get the program to just solve for just 3 discs if nothing is input when prompted for 'Enter the number of discs'?


    import java.util.Scanner;
    public class TowerOfHanoi4 {
    	static int moves = 0;
    	static boolean displayMoves = false;
    	public static void main(String[] args) {
    		System.out.println("Enter the Number of Discs : ");
    		Scanner scanner = new Scanner(System.in);
    		int iHeight = scanner.nextInt();
    		char source = 'S', auxiliary = 'D', destination = 'A'; // name poles or
    																// 'Needles'
          // int blank = null;
    		System.out.println("Press 'v' or 'V' for a list of moves");
    		Scanner show = new Scanner(System.in);
    		String c = show.next();
    		displayMoves = c.equalsIgnoreCase("v");
    		hanoi(iHeight, source, destination, auxiliary);
    		System.out.println(" Total Moves : " + moves);
    	static void hanoi(int height, char source, char destination, char auxiliary) {
    		if (height >= 1) {
    			hanoi(height - 1, source, auxiliary, destination);
    			if (displayMoves) {
    				System.out.println(" Move disc from needle " + source + " to "
    						+ destination);
    			hanoi(height - 1, auxiliary, destination, source);
    //       else (height = 3) {                                  //I think the problem
    //          hanoi(height - 1, source, auxiliary, destination);//Lies with this
    //          moves++;                                          //else
    //          hanoi(height - 1, auxiliary, destination, source);//statement         
    //       }   

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    Default Re: If/else statement working incorrectly...

    else (height = 3)
    This is a syntax error for two reasons. It will not compile.

    The correct structure of an if /else if / else statement is:

    if (height >= 1) {
         // do something
    } else if (height == 3) {
         //  note that it is else if, 
         //  also note the double equals (==).  A single equals assigns a variable,  a double equals test for equality.
    }  else {
        // do something if the other two aren't true

    But there is yet another problem here, an issue with the logic. If height >= 1 it will execute that branch of the if statement. Since 3 >= 1 it will never reach that part of the code.

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    Default Re: If/else statement working incorrectly...

    cool thanks! got it working

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