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Thread: difficulty with this code

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    Question difficulty with this code

    I'M having problems with code cant get it to work..

    I'm trying to read in 6 different weights representing the weights in kg of 6 different bags of flour from the keyboard.calculate the total weight and the average weight of the 6 bags of flour and print out the answers.
    i get 8 errors mostly incompatible type and cannot find symbol.

    import java.io.*;
    public class flourWeight{
    	//declare some variables and add values
    	//print the values back to the screen
    	public static void main(String[]args)throws IOException{
    		//declare some variables
    		double firstWeight ;
    		double secondWeight ;
    		double thirdWeight ;
    		double fourthWeight ;
    		double fifthWeight ;
    		double sixthWeight ;
    		double totalWeight=0 ;
    		double average ;
            double VAT;
           BufferedReader kbd=new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(System.in));;
           System.out.println("Enter the weight of the Six bags of flour?");
    		//Bellow i have printedthe first weight second weight ...
    		//double firstWeight ;
    		System.out.print("first weight= ");
           // double secondWeight ;
    		System.out.print("Second Weight= ");
            //double thirdWeight ;
    		System.out.print("third weight= ");
            //double fourthWeight;
    		System.out.print("fourth weight= ");
           // double fifthWeight ;
    		System.out.print("fifth weight= ");
           // double sixthWeight;
            System.out.print("sixth weight= ");
            totalWeight= (firstWeight + secondWeight + thirdWeight + fourthWeight + fifthWeight + sixthWeight);
            average = ( totalWeight) / 6;
    		//System.out.print(" sum of " + firstNumber + " and " + secondNumber + "and" + thirdNumber + "and" + fourthNumber " = " );
    		System.out.println("totalWeight : "+totalWeight);
             System.out.println(" Average : "+average);
             System.out.println("total priced as euros 3.50 per kg: "+totalWeight*3.50);
             if(totalWeight < 100)
             {  VAT = (total/100)*23;
    		 if(totalWeight >= 100)
    		 { VAT = (total/100)*21;
             //double total = 3.50;
    		// final double TAX_RATE = 8.5; // Tax rate in percent
    		 //double tax = total * TAX_RATE / 100; // tax is 0.2975
    		 //System.out.println("Total: " + total);
             //System.out.println("Tax: " + tax);
             //System.out.printf("Total:%5.2f", total);
    	}//end of main method
    }//end of class

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    Default Re: difficulty with this code

    Format your code with syntax highliting, please.

    Does it make your TV blow up? Do you get compiler errors? Do you get runtime Exceptions? What does it do? What do you expect it to do?

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