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Thread: how to code this in java?

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    Default how to code this in java?

    i am a beginner in java (just learning As and Bs of Java programming).
    I have given this instruction to code this in Java but i have no idea what to do.
    I'm only thinking i could use while loop and system.out.println(). But no idea how.
    Here is the instruction:
    Make a Selection (1 … 5)

    1. Make a Deposit
    2. Make a Withdrawal
    3. Show Account Balance
    4. Calculate Loan Payment
    5. Exit

    The user will start with a 0 balance. If the user presses 1 then you will prompt the user to enter in the amount of the deposit , add it to the balance, and display the balance. If the user presses 2 you will prompt the user to enter in the amount, subtract it from the balance, and display the balance. If the user presses 3 you will display the balance. If the user presses 4 you will prompt the user to enter in the loan amount, down payment (if any), the number of months, and the interest rate (i.e. .05 for 5%). You will then calculate the monthly payment and display it. If the user presses 5 you will end the program and say “Thank you! Please come again”. After each selection, you will do the appropriate work and then display the full menu again (without the Welcome sign). The exception is if the user presses 5. Do not display the menu again.

    The car payment can be calculated by:

    P ( r / 12 )
    (1 - ( 1 + (r / 12 )) )

    For example, a 3 year (36 month) loan of $15,000 at 7% interest would look like this:

    15000 ( 0.07/ 12 )
    (1 - ( 1 + (0.07 / 12 )) )


    P = Loan Amount - Down payment
    r = Annual Interest rate
    n = Term (# of months for loan repayment. For example, a 5 year loan is 60 months)

    For example, if the loan amount was 11000 and the down-payment was 1000 then the P = 10000
    The interest rate was 7% so use .07
    The term was 5 years so use 60

    10000 * ( 0.07 / 12)
    (1 - ((1 + .07 / 12) ^ -60))

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    Default Re: how to code this in java?

    1. First learn Java.
    2. Then write the code.

    Seriously, you must at least attempt to solve this first before just dumping your assignment here. Let's see your mistakes if we're going to have a chance of being able to help you. Also understand that learning Java will require enormous effort on your part, there's nothing easy about starting out with programming, but with patience and effort it will be worth it.

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    Default Re: how to code this in java?

    You'll need to print to the console in some way, such as through println and you're going to need a loop (maybe more than one, maybe not), however, you're going to need a lot more still. There's multiple ways to approach this problem. The first portion of figuring out how to make a program is to map out the logic and any field variables and methods you'll need. This should be done before even loading up your IDE. Once you have that figured out, then open the IDE and start transforming your layout and logic into Java.

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