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Thread: help!! need function to ask user if they want and to produce another 10 qs once programs finished

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    Default help!! need function to ask user if they want and to produce another 10 qs once programs finished

    Scanner keyboard = new Scanner(System.in); //given an object scanner and calling it keyboard

    int randomOne=0, randomTwo=0, problems=1; //memory allocation holds first random number second random number and problems which acts as a counter to keep track of the amount of problems

    int realAnswer=0, userAnswer=0, correct=0, inCorrect=0;//memory allocation product hols the right answer user answer holds the user answer correct holds number of correct and incorrect answers
    int choice;

    while (problems <= 10){//produces 10 multiplication problems after 10 user will be asked if they wish to have another 10 or to quit
    System.out.println("Problem"+ problems + ":"); //prints numbers 1-10
    randomOne = generator.nextInt(13);// generates numbers from 1-13
    randomTwo = generator.nextInt(13);//generates numbers from 1-13
    realAnswer = randomOne * randomTwo; //calculates what these two numbers are equal to
    System.out.println(randomOne+ "*" + randomTwo);//asks the user for their guess as to the answer
    userAnswer = keyboard.nextInt();

    if(userAnswer == realAnswer){
    System.out.println("correct! well done! ");
    correct++;//increments the variable correct

    System.out.println("incorrect.Try again" + randomOne + "*" +randomTwo);
    while(userAnswer != realAnswer)//this while loop makes the user re-answer the question if they get it wrong
    inCorrect++;//increments the variable inCorrect
    userAnswer = keyboard.nextInt();
    problems++;//increments the variable Problems
    System.out.println("you got" + correct + "correct!");
    System.out.println("you got" + inCorrect + "incorrect");
    // here want to ask if they wish to continue or to exit and if continues selected they get another 10 qs dont know how



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    Default Re: help!! need function to ask user if they want and to produce another 10 qs once programs finished

    1) adding [code] [/code] tags around the posted code in your question above so that it is readable and thus understandable, and
    2) adding some text describing just where you're stuck, what you've tried, how it didn't work, etc...

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