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Thread: Stop Slideshow from starting automatically

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    Default Stop Slideshow from starting automatically

    Hi Guys,

    I managed to work with this slideshow very well. Only problem is, that if I refresh my html site the show starts running automatically until I go over it with my mouse. Then it does what it's supposed to do which is start and stop with mouseover. So I guess I need to delete or add some code which prevents the slideshow from starting automatically. Since I'm new to this I've spent days looking for a solution but I couldn't figure out how to do it. Now I'm asking you guys and I'm already saying a big THANKS!


    <script type="text/javascript">

    //Specify the slider's width (in pixels)
    var sliderwidth="300px"
    //Specify the slider's height
    var sliderheight="150px"
    //Specify the slider's slide speed (larger is faster 1-10)
    var slidespeed=2
    //configure background color:

    //Specify the slider's images
    var leftrightslide=new Array()
    var finalslide=''
    leftrightslide[0]='<img src="img1.jpg" border=0>'
    leftrightslide[1]='<img src="img2.jpg" border=0>'

    //Specify gap between each image (use HTML):
    var imagegap=" "

    //Specify pixels gap between each slideshow rotation (use integer):
    var slideshowgap=5

    var copyspeed=slidespeed
    leftrightslide='<nobr>'+leftrightslide.join(imageg ap)+'</nobr>'
    var iedom=document.all||document.getElementById
    if (iedom)
    document.write('<span id="temp" style="visibility:hidden;position:absolute;top:-100px;left:-9000px">'+leftrightslide+'</span>')
    var actualwidth=''
    var cross_slide, ns_slide

    function fillup(){
    if (iedom){
    cross_slide=document.getElementById? document.getElementById("test2") : document.all.test2
    cross_slide2=document.getElementById? document.getElementById("test3") : document.all.test3
    cross_slide.innerHTML=cross_slide2.innerHTML=leftr ightslide
    actualwidth=document.all? cross_slide.offsetWidth : document.getElementById("temp").offsetWidth
    cross_slide2.style.left=actualwidth+slideshowgap+" px"
    else if (document.layers){
    ns_slide=document.ns_slidemenu.document.ns_slideme nu2
    ns_slide2=document.ns_slidemenu.document.ns_slidem enu3

    function slideleft(){
    if (iedom){
    if (parseInt(cross_slide.style.left)>(actualwidth*(-1)+8))
    cross_slide.style.left=parseInt(cross_slide.style. left)-copyspeed+"px"
    cross_slide.style.left=parseInt(cross_slide2.style .left)+actualwidth+slideshowgap+"px"

    if (parseInt(cross_slide2.style.left)>(actualwidth*(-1)+8))
    cross_slide2.style.left=parseInt(cross_slide2.styl e.left)-copyspeed+"px"
    cross_slide2.style.left=parseInt(cross_slide.style .left)+actualwidth+slideshowgap+"px"

    else if (document.layers){
    if (ns_slide.left>(actualwidth*(-1)+8))
    ns_slide.left=ns_slide2.left+actualwidth+slideshow gap

    if (ns_slide2.left>(actualwidth*(-1)+8))
    ns_slide2.left=ns_slide.left+actualwidth+slideshow gap

    if (iedom||document.layers){
    with (document){
    document.write('<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"><td>')
    if (iedom){
    write('<div style="position:relative;width:'+sliderwidth+';hei ght:'+sliderheight+';overflow:hidden">')
    write('<div style="position:absolute;width:'+sliderwidth+';hei ght:'+sliderheight+';background-color:'+slidebgcolor+'" onMouseover="copyspeed=slidespeed" onMouseout="copyspeed=0">')
    write('<div id="test2" style="position:absolute;left:0px;top:0px"></div>')
    write('<div id="test3" style="position:absolute;left:-1000px;top:0px"></div>')
    else if (document.layers){
    write('<ilayer width='+sliderwidth+' height='+sliderheight+' name="ns_slidemenu" bgColor='+slidebgcolor+'>')
    write('<layer name="ns_slidemenu2" left=0 top=0 onMouseover="copyspeed=slidespeed" onMouseout="copyspeed=0"></layer>')
    write('<layer name="ns_slidemenu3" left=0 top=0 onMouseover="copyspeed=slidespeed" onMouseout="copyspeed=0"></layer>')

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    Default Re: Stop Slideshow from starting automatically

    first let me say this isnt a javascript forum its for java (two completely different languages) but thats cool & 2nd u didnt close your highlight tag at the end but i think i get the jist of ur code.... if u want the slide show to start when the mouse hovers over it and not once the page loads u should do something about ur window.onload part because calling the fillup method for .onload executes it automatically as soon as the page is done loading

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