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Thread: help creating a virtual Object

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    Default help creating a virtual Object

    I'm stuck on how to get started on this part of my assignment. These are my instructions.
    The next class that you need to create will be what I call a Virtual Object. It is an object that we are creating so that we can store data in a concise and thoughtful manner. The only thing we want to do here is store data for easy access and referencing from other classes.

    Class Name: Student
    Default Constructor Should do nothing
    Overridden Constructor Should create a student with a name and all 10 grades

    Global Variables:

    Methods: Each global variable should have an accessor (getter) and a mutator (setter).
    I posted a sample peice. Is this what it is asking for? or am I way off?
    public class student{
    public String getStudentName(String strStudentName){
    return strStudentName;
    pubic String setStudentName(String strStudentName){
    this.strStudentName = strStudentName;
    public String getdblAssignmentOne(double dblAssignmentOne){
    return dblAssignmentOne;
    pubic String setdblAssignmentOne(double dblAssignmentOne){
    this.dblAssignmentOne = dblAssignmentOne;

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    Default Re: help creating a virtual Object

    you're not way off, but slightly.

    A getter is meant to "get" data. It doesn't require any input parameters, and should return the value in question.

    An example getter:

    public class A
        private String foo;
        public String getFoo()
            return foo;

    By the same token, a setter "sets" data fields. It takes in input parameter(s) and modifies internal fields appropriately. A typical setter modifies one field exclusively. Almost always these methods do not return any values.

    An example setter:

    public class A
        private String foo;
        public void setFoo(String value)
            foo = value;
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