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Thread: InputStream Problem at Client Side

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    Default InputStream Problem at Client Side

    Hi all once again, one more question from me. But this one stands between me and my final work. I am doing a REST Webservice, in which I have to send image files from the server and had to calculate processing times at the client. So, I choosen InputStream at the server, and same to catch at the Client. Seems some basic problem, I am measuring time before and after InputStream at Client..seems since its a stream as soon as receiving some bytes the program was coming to the next....better to put it in code... REST Web Service and i am using Netbeans 6.8

    Server COde

    public class imagetest23 {
        private UriInfo context;
        /** Creates a new instance of imagetest1 */
        public imagetest23() {
    //@Produces ("StreamingOutput/text")
    public InputStream GettheFile(@PathParam ("id") String cId) throws Exception
          File file =  new File("C:/"+cId+".png");
         InputStream in = null;
          //File file =  new File("C:/fone.gif");
          FileInputStream fs = new FileInputStream(file);
            //   int cid=01;
    in = new BufferedInputStream(new FileInputStream(file));
            return in;

    And at the Client Side

    private static void testgettingfiles() throws IOException, WebApplicationException, HttpException, java.sql.SQLException,java.lang.ClassNotFoundException, com.sun.jersey.api.client.UniformInterfaceException {
    System.out.println("coming to here, start of the getmethod in client");
                final String BASE_URI = "http://xxxxx:8080/RestApplication-Server/resources";
               System.out.println("the value of string"+BASE_URI);
                System.out.println("coming to here before start of client");
        Client c = Client.create();
        WebResource service = c.resource(BASE_URI);
        System.out.println("coming to here after baseuri");
        System.out.println("the time before fetching starts:");
    long g= System.currentTimeMillis();
    InputStream in=service.path("/restserver/image12").get(InputStream.class);
    long f=System.currentTimeMillis();
    System.out.println("the total time :"+(f-g));

    So thats the problem ..no matter the size of the image files (trying from 5 mb to 50mb) the processing time is just few milli seconds and almost the same..

    tried a bit logic to convert the files

    BufferedImage bi1 = ImageIO.read(in);
    System.out.println("the time after fetching");
    long f=System.currentTimeMillis();
    File file = new File("newimage1.png");//(dint changed)changing to .gif
    ImageIO.write(bi1, "png", file);//(dint changed)changing to .gif
     FileInputStream fs = new FileInputStream(file);

    But getting different size files...and if i take the time here, it also includes conversion and saving file locally times....Since its REST and i test with a plane url and its returning same files size ( tried right click and save as )...

    Thanks in advance guys,...spent whole night on this..

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    Default Re: InputStream Problem at Client Side

    Well the time spent between creating g and f is only creating the inputstream, its not actually loading/sending any data, your simply saying create me an inputstream to the following file. Java will do that in a couple of milliseconds or less.

    What kind of processing are you supposed to be calculating?

    // Json

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