Hello all,

i'm new here and forgive me if there is any thread like this but i need help fast as i can. I have project for Faculty for next week so i need to finish it fast, but i'm beginner in Java and Tapestry framework. I want to share for now 2 of my problems. I have tried lot of time to fix this and learn it, but i don't have idea what i'm doing because as i said, i'm beginner in this 2 things.

Problem No.1:

I'm following THIS tutorial and i stopped at "Defining your model" part. I really don't know how to make all of this things showed below that title.
Problem it's, i don' know how to make something like this tutorial, connected with my database. Of course i need to use Tapestry and my MySQL database. I will use this it for making Register/Login form connected with that database. Any one who know how to work with this thing, please help me, i need it fast.

Problem No.2:

I'm using Apache Tomcat 7.0.34 server for running my app, and for normal things, i can see all complete at http://localhost:8080/app/Start.

But when i'm pressing one of my links for Login, this: http://localhost:8080/app/Login.tml, i got error like:

"URI /Login.tml may not be accessed remotely."
"Access to the specified resource has been forbidden."


HTML Code:
<li><a href="./Login.tml">Логирај се</a></li>
I tried without that .tml at the end, but it's same. So i don't know how to enable in my app to enable access for this page too, or any other.
Here is my app tree:


I will appreciate if anyone of you will help me about this 2 problems.Once again, don't be mad on me if there is any other thread like this, but i need this fast to fix it.
Thanks a lot !