My problem is, i want to pass a parameter which is a list.

function addNewDriver() 
	var pEntityType = <%=c.WIDOC_ENTITY_DRIVER%>;
	var pListEntities = <%=lListDrivers%>;
	location.href= "<%= c.url %>do/user/groupItemForm.step1.jsp?idClient=" + <%=pIdClient%> + "&listEntities:" + pListEntities + 
"&idGroup=" + <%=pIdGroup%> + "&entityType=" + pEntityType + "&<%= lBackButtonUrl %>";	

"lListDrivers" is already filled with values of each driver, like dni, name, surname etc. Well it's actually a List<Map>.
The problem comes because, to pass this list, values inside can't have an equal, for example:

var pListEntities = [{dniPerson=4444444S, surname2Person=XXX, passportPerson=null, namePerson=XXX, idGroupItem=1, idPk=1111, surname1Person=XXXX}

Google Chrome is giving me this error: Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid shorthand property initializer
What I assume is, google wants this:

var pListEntities = [{dniPerson:4444444S, surname2Person:XXX, passportPerson:null, namePerson:XXX, idGroupItem:1, idPk:1111, surname1Person:XXXX}

But I can't touch anything of theese values inside, cause are given in another java, is there any way to fix this? Thanks!