I've searched the web, searched my materials, asked and asked and asked for help.

I think I've exhausted my resources to the best of my ability, and I'm hoping against hope that I'm posting in the right place.

In short, I have two input files. I've already handled the first part of my assignment, which was to form a queue from student submitted homework files, listed in the input file.

My output is great.

Now, I need to take those files from the queue, and use the same toString method that I used in the first part, which is in a while (Scanner.hasNext()) loop, along with all of those variables. So, I'm reusing the toString and associated vars.

Also, I don't know how to remove the files, as simply as possible, as I'm a beginner, new to OOP, and all due respect to the prof, feel out of my depth in almost every assignment, but this one, in particular.

I also don't have much time left.

Please tell me what you'd like to see and the tags for adding code, if you would. This program is made of 5 classes, and would really rather not post everything, not even my entire main.

Thanks for any help provided.